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Do you also know of the SCP Foundation... things? Lots of interesting horror/supernatural ideas thought up there. There's even a fan made game called "SCP Containment Breach" where you try to escape while dealing with a few of these horrors. It's free and it doesn't take much to run (kinda buggy though).

I fucking love the SCP foundation.  And it’s funny you should mention it, since a Youtube channel that I follow (SCPReadings) recently posted a video of one of my personal favorite parts of the SCP Foundation lore:

It’s a long video, but it’s so worth it.

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My friend made a game with joint references and parts in the scp universe. This got me thinking: is scp copyrighted by anyone? Does it make money? And also, would he be allowed to release the game on gamejolt? (It's not centered around the facility but you can find the plague doctor and keep him around for the rest of the game)

The SCP Foundation and all characters/organizations/entities, etc., are licensed under CC-By-SA 3.0, a Creative Commons license. What this means is that, under this particular license, you may (with a few exceptions) alter, create, copy, or do pretty much anything you wish with our site content or derivatives of the site’s content, including sell it, so long as you follow three simple rules, detailed in our Licensing Guide :

1. Cite your sources, listing the author, the name of the piece, and a link back to both the piece’s page on our site (or the author page of the creator, in the case of using a character like Clef or Ruiz Duchamp, unless it’s based on a specific tale), and the CC-by-SA 3.0 license text. Yes, you must cite every item/character you reference in your work, just like if you were writing a paper for school or a scholarly article for a journal.

2: Make this list of citations and link-backs readily available and visible either in an included text document (like a read-me or in the user manual or something), the item description in the store, or some other way that is easily noticeable and available for your potential customers.

3: Don’t use SCP-173, SCP-111, or SCP-1926 if you intend to sell anything based off of us for profit, as we do not have the full rights to those three items and it could get everyone in trouble.

Also, keep in mind that anyone can take your work and remix it, sell it, or give it away as they see fit, so long as they cite both you and us in their works or method of distribution.

Feel free to message in again or visit us in the chatroom if you need any more help!

– Vince

  • Friends: Oh yeah you read the SCP wiki right
  • Me: Yeah but
  • Friends: So you write for it too
  • Me: Yeah but also other things
  • Friends: Like what
  • Me: Oh nothing much
  • Me: *listens to any song with any subject matter* This is perfect for the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *goes on run* I am in an SCP action movie listening to music that is perfect for the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *drives in vehicle* I am out on an MTF mission for my people the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *walks down any white hallway* I am in Site 19
  • Me: *climbs stairs* I am climbing these stairs to escape the containment breach
  • Me: *shops for clothes* Which of these clothing items reminds me the most of the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *goes grocery shopping* Gotta get these groceries before the XK scenario hits
  • Me: *plays video game* if only there were an SCP game such as this one, for now I will just pretend it is about the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *watches movie* This could be about the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *reads news story* This is Broken Masquerade
  • Me: *plans what color to paint a room* I will paint this room white and gray to allegorically represent the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *starts writing story* You know what I might as well make this story about the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *lays down in bed* I am lying down in this bed after a long day of containing anomalies
  • Me: *calls family* Ah yes it is difficult to stay in contact with the outside world when working for the SCP Foundation *dramatically envisions movie scene about the SCP Foundation*
  • Me: *styles hair* This hair reminds me of the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *cleans apartment* Look at me, I am so organized and calculating because SCP Foundation
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: *breathes* I am breathing this breath for the SCP Foundation

Last night I finished my SCP cosplay!
This is Abram. A Russian man in his late 50’s. Though apperence may be menacing, he’s rather shy and nervous as he is stuck in an American government facility and doesn’t understand English well. He is kinda my take on the character you play as more of less XD and yes, he is a Class-D. Reblogs would be AWESOME! ;-; I’d love some feedback

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Are you in any other fandoms ?

NITW | Sally face | RPG Horror Games | SCP | Creepy Pasta | Elder Scrolls (Oblivion) | TF2 (somewhat) | Overwatch (Somewhat) | HTF | FNAF (not entirely) | DHMIS | Eddsworld | Popee the Performer | TAWOG | AT | SU | Ren n stimpy | courage the cowardly dog | Borderlands (2) | BATIM

I might add more idk

((I should remake my design of 682—I could honestly see him as a water faring organism that also comes onto land, such as Crocodilians, I mean, the original image doesn’t show his full body, but there are full body images of the thing used in the photo

And it’s speculated to be the carcass of a Beluga Whale, but maybe making 682 somewhat of a creature like Purussaurus would be okay.

((I also don’t think 682 is some mega sized, 100 foot tall SCP, that is kinda demonstrated in CB when he knocks down a helicopter with his tail, but then again, not EVERYTHING in CB is cannon to SCP. So the estimated size of Purussaurus shown above could be accurate to his actual size to some extent. Im also not good at theorizing dimensions from a point of view, so maybe 682 IS the size, or close to the size of Purussaurus in CB, and the fan game??))

imagine an open-world SCP Foundation game set in Bellerverse or Doctors of the Church or some shit and it has all the tropes of Every Fantasy Setting Game™ and Bethesda probably made it and like you walk into some cave and find some long-escaped Keter-class monstrosity munching on human remains and when you walk down the tunnels a ways there’s some camp of dead settlers and their Conspicuously Placed Torn Diary Pages™ with Believable Handwriting™ are like

and you The PLayer CharactER ® are like chillin at some settlement eatin 871 cakes and random people will run up to you and the camera will automatically rotate toward their face over an awkward three-second transition and then they’ll speak after another awkward three-second transition and they’ll talk and the popup on the screen afterward’ll be like

and you’ll have the map marker stuck on your HUD for forever and there’s eight active quests and you work for the Foundation and Insurgency simultaneously somehow but you’re also anomalous and have purple eyes after paying the trader from Brightrun 400 gold for cosmetic spells and you’ll never know where to go and the bard’s song by blind guardian will play on repeat from an indiscriminate location for hours and you can’t turn it off and please never let this game happen

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SCP? What is it about? Is it a game?

the SCP foundation (secure, contain, protect) is a fictional organization that houses anomalous entities that range from safe, euclid (dangerous and more difficult to contain) and keter (dangerous in the sense it can cause calamity and is hard to contain)

entities are inscribed identities in the form of “SCP-(number)” for organization. the entities can range from a haunted VSH tape that tells the future to harmless slug dragons to horrific bloodthirsty inhuman beasts 

its a wiki that various authors can submit their own SCP . currently there are 4000 entries. all entries are written in a narrative that the foundation is capturing and securing these entities for the safety of mankind, its essentially an organization that hunts boogeymen

the SCP foundation itself started as a 4chan post that got popular, and then various users decide to compile what was established into a wiki for others to browse and make their own. the first ever SCP made was SCP-173

while it started as a forum post there IS a game about it, called SCP Containment Breach