My Favorite Horror Games

One of my favorite things to do is play video games. When I can combine my love of horror and video games it’s even better so I’ve decided to put together a post of my favorite horror themed games. Not all of these are available to be played for free online, but if they are the title of the game will be a link to where you can play it or download it for free. I hope you enjoy.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Parts 12

Almost everybody knows about Five Nights at Freddy’s. This is a survival game where you play the part of a newly hired security guard at a pizza chain arcade. The arcade is inhabited by animatronic animals who have a tendency to move around the building and sometimes attack people. Your mission is simple, survive for 5 nights. In the sequel you’re faced with the same mission but this time you’re given a mask and a music box to help distract the animals. If you can survive all five nights take it a step further and try to beat night six.

Calling: Kuroki Chakushin (Calling: Dark Messages)

This is an amazing games. It is only available for the Wii but if you have a Wii I strongly recommend that you check it out. This is a Japanese survival game where you play as multiple different characters who all have one thing in common, they have all visited the same website. It’s said that everyone who visits this site die. You play as these different characters, exploring different locations in this abyss sort of limbo. You use cell phones to warp travel to different locations, take pictures of locations, and record EVPs. 


This is a game where you play as a young girl named Ib. She goes to an art gallery with her parents one day. All of a sudden she realizes that she’s alone and sets off to find out what happened. Along the way she discovers all sorts of things that are wrong. This focuses heavily on puzzle solving and adventure mixed with a great horror element. 

SCP Containment Breach

Now, I played this game when it was still in development so I’m not 100% sure how much it has changed since completion. This is another survival game that takes place in a research facility that studies creatures, items, and places that threaten society. There is an accident that occurs that leaves you to face all of these unstable research subjects. Good luck.


This is yet again another survival horror game. This one takes place in a run down mental institution that is now inhabited by the murderous former patients. You play as a journalist named Miles Upshur who goes to investigate a claim of inhumane experiment that were allegedly performed on the hospital’s patients. Miles can’t fight or carry weapons, basically you can only run away and hide. What you can do though is record all of the information that you find scattered throughout the hospital. There is also DLC that serves as a prequel to the game.

Slender: The Eight Pages

No horror game list would be incomplete without Slender. Personally I’m more of a Slendertubbies fan but it is based on Slender: The Eight Pages. Everybody knows the premise of the this game, avoid Slenderman, collect eight messages scattered around the forest, and survive while doing it all. Not as easy as it sounds and I think everyone should play it at least once.

If you want to check out more horror games check out Sixpenceee’s online game masterpost here and fuck-yeah-horror’s compilation of free indie horror games here.

I hope you weren’t planning on sleeping tonight.


Antumbra is a super tough and very creepy dungeon crawling adventure populated by a wide variety of SCP-style monsters that will tear you limb from limb.

Taking a text adventure/visual novel approach to dungeon crawling, you are presented with a variety of options at each crossroads and encounter.  Some of these options are are listed in a numbered list on screen, while others are hidden away within the picture of the scene.  One wrong turn can mean a quick and gruesome death, so you’ll have to use your wits (and a little luck) to survive the hazards of Antumbra.

Much like Dark Souls, you’ll die a lot, but each time you’ll learn from your mistakes. There are many, many creatures roaming the world of Antumbra, a few are harmless, but most will rip your throat out in a heart beat.  Taking inspiration from Darkseed, Silent Hill, Hellraiser, Shivers, Event Horizon and HP Lovecraft, Antumbra weaves a very dark and disturbing tale, with a twisted sense of humour and nasty surprises around every corner.

Dark, deadly and dangerously addictive, a wonderfully twisted tale that will chew you up and spit you out.

Play the Full Game, Free (Browser)


How scary can a cutesy first person horror game with cardboard pop up ghosts and retro visuals be?  Spooky’s House of Jump Scares proves that it can be very scary indeed! (especially those damn pop-up cardboard ghosts!)

Tasking you with surviving 1000 rooms of cute terror, Spooky’s House of Jump Scares starts of fairly sedately, with you walking through a procedurally generated dungeon with charming retro visuals and cute little cardboard ghosts that occasionally pop up.

The terror levels slowly start to ramp up though, and after the first save room (room 50), things REALLY start to hot up.  It turns out Spooky’s House of Jump Scares is an SCP-esque facility, full of nasty surprises and home to some very creepy monsters, all out for your blood.  While you flee from these monsters there are lots of genuine jump scares (provided largely by the pop-up ghosts), and some cool little easter eggs – such as playable Pac Man arcade cabinets where you play one of the ghosts.

How scary can a cute horror game be?  It turns out it can be absolutely terrifying!

Play Spooky’s House Of Jump Scares, Free (Steam)

Escape from Site 19!

No, thats not an order! (For now anyways) That is the title of the board game in development by these awesome folks!

The game is Players vs Environment, as you take on the roles of SCP Personnel to recontain, solve, and sometimes out-right avoid the Skips that have busted loose!

The playable jobs include Researcher

Containment Specialist


Field Agent

Mobile Task Force

And my personal favorite: Tactical Responce

Each with their own special abilities and traits to help (or hinder) your team along the way. Not to mention possible expansion characters, like Site Admins, O5s, and even GOIs down the road!

So swing by their channel, check out all the cool SCPs they’ve made, and get hype.
Theres gonna be a jailbreak, and you get to play the guards.
Oppy's SCP Foundation RPG Game
You guys were absolutely ecstatic about the idea of having an SCP inspired RPG game. After all, who wouldn't want to give back to a community as amazing as the SCP Foundation? However, I can't do this alone. Will you guys help me too?

How’s it going everyone? So late last year I told all of you that I planned on starting an SCP inspired RPG game. You guys all seemed very excited about the idea and I even began writing down fan characters to include in the game! However, we are running into quite a few problems, money being one of them. For a full description of the project please see below.

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New SCP game: The Foundation - Prototype launch!

Inspired by XCOM and a legion of brilliant authors this game puts you in the shoes of the newly appointed Overseer of the SCP Foundation, an extraterritoral organization charged to secure anomalous artifacts around the world, contain public knowledge, and protect the world’s existence from the hazards these items possess.

You must Secure. Find anomalous events and SCP entities. Customize your armed forces and research powerful new technologies. Dispatch task forces to lock down and retrieve it. Fight off others interested in the same prize.

You must Contain. Suppress public knowledge of the events. Recruit governments, agents, and organizations to fund and support your goals.

You must Protect. Build bases and secure areas to store anomalous items. Stop the spread of anomalous effects. Beware of dangerous containment breaches.

As time passes the beginning hastens the end. Something nearly destroyed the Foundation once. It won’t make the same mistake again.

Click here to watch ‘The Foundation - Administrator Teaser Trailer’


  • GLOBAL CONTROL: Build a secret extra-territorial organization that spans the globe. Interact and negotiate with rival organizations and governments to contain anomalous threats.
  • TACTICAL SQUAD COMBAT: Control squads of soldiers to contain or destroy anomalous entities.
  • BASE DEFENSE: Contain hazardous anomalies for study in custom built containment facilities. Your base becomes the battle map. Design defenses to keep your collections in and rival organizations out.
  • OPEN ENDED UNIVERSE: Over 2000 different anomalies can appear in game. Connections to the SCP Wiki, a peer reviewed collection, allows for access to new and improved anomalies as they are added to the wiki.
  • MODDING: Designed for modding from the ground up. Plain text content allows non-technical players to still change the game as they wish.

Want to download the game and help find bugs and give feed back? Click here for a link to download the game and report bugs here on INDIEDB!

Right now this game is currently a prototype which means there WILL be limitations on what you can do and bugs. Click on ‘Keep reading’ for more pictures, content and websites! 

I’ve had a test run of the game myself! It is VERY promising and the music is really amazing! - Roth

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Weird observation:

So, I always wondered why the hell Flowey’s face in his boss form appeared on a screen.  And why it frequently switches to that strange, low-res face throughout the battle.

It’s even present in the concept art.  So, the idea of Flowey projecting a face onto a screen was there from the beginning.

But then I noticed something.  Flowey’s boss music, Your Best Nightmare, is number 079 on the OST.  

There is another being out there heavily associated with that number.  Go ahead and take a look at SCP-079 here.  I’ll wait.

In the game SCP Containment Breach, 079 projects a low-res face onto screens throughout the facility, including the one attached to his current hardware.

Now, doesn’t that look familiar?  The face isn’t the same, but quite similar!  Kinda makes me wonder if SCP-079 is yet another reference to be found in Undertale.

And for a bonus, look a bit closer at 079′s “face”:



an SCP-themed party game called data expunged, where one player, the administrator, reads out an excerpt from a pre-existing or original SCP with a significant detail expunged and left open for interpretation. players write down the first interpretation they can think of to fill the blank, which are then read out by the administrator. the winner is whoever writes the most interesting interpretation.