Idk how many of my followers are into the SCP foundation, but the mobile (and PC) short game, SCP-084-B, is that endless stair game with monster images that pop out at you and have a couple human-like entities following you. The trick is to never “turn around” and I ended up reaching the -100th floor. Jeeeeesus.

SCP Foundation is a pretty interesting concept tbh.

  • Friends: Oh yeah you read the SCP wiki right
  • Me: Yeah but
  • Friends: So you write for it too
  • Me: Yeah but also other things
  • Friends: Like what
  • Me: Oh nothing much
  • Me: *listens to any song with any subject matter* This is perfect for the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *goes on run* I am in an SCP action movie listening to music that is perfect for the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *drives in vehicle* I am out on an MTF mission for my people the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *walks down any white hallway* I am in Site 19
  • Me: *climbs stairs* I am climbing these stairs to escape the containment breach
  • Me: *shops for clothes* Which of these clothing items reminds me the most of the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *goes grocery shopping* Gotta get these groceries before the XK scenario hits
  • Me: *plays video game* if only there were an SCP game such as this one, for now I will just pretend it is about the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *watches movie* This could be about the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *reads news story* This is Broken Masquerade
  • Me: *plans what color to paint a room* I will paint this room white and gray to allegorically represent the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *starts writing story* You know what I might as well make this story about the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *lays down in bed* I am lying down in this bed after a long day of containing anomalies
  • Me: *calls family* Ah yes it is difficult to stay in contact with the outside world when working for the SCP Foundation *dramatically envisions movie scene about the SCP Foundation*
  • Me: *styles hair* This hair reminds me of the SCP Foundation
  • Me: *cleans apartment* Look at me, I am so organized and calculating because SCP Foundation
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: *breathes* I am breathing this breath for the SCP Foundation

A new style I wanted to try. Pastels and paint tool sai :) 

 Dr. Cool >> @TheHauntedReader 

SCP-1903: @justafantembun

enjoy! <3

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Since its Mirai’s birthday, lets get to know him better!

Feel free to point out my mistakes and excuse my crack Japanese..

Kageyama Mirai
Age:19 (21 in SCP)
Birthday: 3/31
Birthplace: Private
Blood type: AB
Height: 172 cm (5′7)
Weight: 55kg (121lb)
Foot size: 26.5 cm
Vision: Left 0.3/ Right 0.3

Personality: Mischievous
Charm point: Natural curly hair
Favourite Phrase: Cute~ (Kawaii na~)
Special skill: ????

Message from Mirai: Ever since I met you, everyday I can’t helped but to be happy. Don’t let men other than me deceive you, Princess

30 29 Q&A from fan book

1. What kind of herbal tea do you like?
Darjeeling Tea. With lots of milk.

2. What is your favourite ride?
I like to fly in the sky in the airplane.

3. What magic are you good at?
Card magic.

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SCP: Hibiki Route Open!

Sleepless Cinderella Reporters! He’s here!  (o´▽`o)

And! Don’t miss these prizes!

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Complete Chapter 12 (10/10) by May 3rd  7:59:59 AM (UTC) to get the Hibiki Performing avatar!

Make sure you take advantage of the Story Campaign Special Set and Love Pass Campaign to get both of them!

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