New Scp video also up, though we messed up on the camera.


What is up everyone here’s another video for y'all where me and a friend start up a play through of Scp Containment Breach. Hope you all enjoy.


SCP-682 sings - ‘Still alive’ (SCP Version)


Here’s another episode of Scp hope you all enjoy! 

So I played the ‘Staircase game’ (which you can download for free here).

Sounded pretty good because I love creepy/scary stuff and thought I might hopefully get a bit of fright happening, but nope.
I think the scariest part is the start when the door closes behind you, then you make your way down the stairs accompanied by eerie background ambiance.

Basically you keep traveling down an endless stairwell until you see a pale face.
I think it took me about 67 flights of stairs until I came across the mask like face, and as I walked towards it, it molests me with it’s fingers.

And the game ends.

Oh. Okay then.

I found a download link for SCP Containment Breach

Another horror stream is bound to happen in the future! BUT not anytime in the next two weeks. I have to get used to scary things again. That will take a bit. Heck maybe I’ll play through SCP-087-B so I can man up or whatever. I guess my real point in mentioning this is…

How many of you would be interested in watching this time?