Cheer Up Post #4608 - SCP Foundation Edition

For the anon requesting the creepypasta website SCP foundation, enjoy?

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SCP foundation animated intro

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if the scps had blogs
  • 049: runs a blog dedicated to medical trivia, surgery demonstration videos and posts links to their streams of Surgeon Simulator. Sometimes does lets plays of other games. pretty nice to most of their followers too
  • 035: shitposts and has tons of followers, is always the one to add that Witty Comment™ to a text post and it can range from being hilarious to fuckin stone cold as shit
  • 096: Rarely posts, rarely answers asks due to anxiety, reblogs body positivity posts. vagueposts a LOT. gets flustered and sappy when literally anyone sends them a nice ask tho
  • 079: retro video game aesthetic blog, likes Vaporwave and is really fuckin mean to their followers like why are they so salty?? we just don't know
  • 106: has a main and sideblog, main one he just spews things not too dissimilar to Dril posts, the second being his fetish/aesthetic blog full of guro, cute girls, and sometimes just straight up real gore he posts himself. replies to asks with unsettling emojis and is just generally uncomfortable to interact with
  • 173: default theme, default icon, no title, only has one post that says "cvxvvdvdmnhjhn" because they just punched the keyboard and pressed post
  • 682: anti SJW blog, literally no one cares what they have to say. goes out their way to harass people and shitposts bad memes. unironically likes Shadow the Hedgehog music

Anyway here is this weeks regularly scheduled video. I set up donations to play loud noises while I played horror games.

>Be me
>See three men die in room of blood and shit and light
>mfw its because one man sneezed
>next day
>three men go in 
>men armed with cheap mops lives in each others hands
>day before
>see man i like
>mfw hes gunned down leaving a rose for a girl
>mfw girl doesnt remember
>girl is screaming
>pic related
>group of soldiers kill corpses of friends
>cucks test on children next
>assigned task to watch five men and women gunned down in abandoned factory
>happens every five seconds
>lasts forever
>see lucky man sip scotch in a nice armchair
>orders girl to stop breathing
>gets day off
>be me
>hundreds of men and women in orange jumpsuits herded like animals into empty rooms
>fill with gas and fire
>hundreds more told they have a chance for lighter sentence
>told they had chance to serve country
>be me
>watch world nearly die
>every way is terrible
>sometimes theres time to scream
>be me
>writing this
>mfw no happy endings
>god help us