kira being worried about stiles in 3.23 (✿◠‿◠)

Sleepless Nights {Stiles Stilinski}

Request: can you do a smut where the person is sleeping in with stiles bed after a rough day with Scott and being a beta and all that jazz after the person falls asleep is like on top of stiles and he starts to get a boner but you just keep sleeping and don’t move off him then he starts to move around then you can take it from there💜

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1489

Warning: Smutnickens is not lowkey in this imagine, sorry for any grammatical errors.

  Darkness swirled around the room, and your soft snores were the only thing to be heard. After a long day trying to explain to an anger issued teenager, that he was now a wolf you was exhausted. Being Scott’s beta was tiring considering that Scott helps everyone who asked. Stiles looked down at you, seeing your lips parted and your furrowed eyebrows. He couldn’t help but to smile, he adored you. You meant the absolute world to him.

   When the two of you kissed for the for the first time in Mexico, he knew it was forever. Looking back at the ceiling he remembered ever night spent with you, and that meant every night. Especially the most intimate ones, he remembered how it felt to have your hands roam all over his body. Then it was how you called his name, as he explored your body. Snapping out of his thoughts, Stiles felt his sweatpants tighten, he was hard. Of course, he was, he had just thought about the time he had sex with you.

   If he could just sneak off to the bathroom and take a cold shower to take care of himself, he’d be fine, but you were on top of him. Moving you would wake you up and you could’ve never gone back to sleep. So here he was, hard as a rock with you on top of him. Thinking it couldn’t have gotten any worse, you were moving around every five seconds.

‘Great, she’s having a nightmare’

   From his fair share of restless nights, he knew waking you up would result in a cranky Y/N in the morning. The sudden stroke against his crotch made Stiles bite his lip. Your leg had just slid up from his thigh to his crotch. There was no way this was going away, he was horny and needed to get off. Slowly and gently he tried to pry your limbs off his body, but every time he successfully removed a limb, you’d just put it back. Sighing softly he stayed there, hot and bothered.

“Stiles?” You’re soft voice released into the silence.

  Looking down he found you rubbing your eyes, before sitting up. He snaked an arm around you and kissed your temple.

“I’m sorry, go back to sleep baby.” He whispered, pulling you closer to him.

“I can’t, I had a dream, -it wreaks in here.” You grumble, he chuckled.

“I can open a window,” Stiles suggested but you shook your head.

“No, it wreaks as in you wreak of hormones and- wait…” A light blushed appeared on Stiles’s cheeks but it was too dark for you to see, “please tell me you weren’t having a wet dream.”

“Not exactly.” Stiles whispered quietly, “I’m going to go take a cold shower.”

“Why?” You asked confused to why he’d do that when there was a better option, “no, just come here.”

   Surprised and curious, he leaned over to you, only to be greeted with your lips. It was mutually satisfying, you yourself had been having a wet dream, that would explain your tossing and turning. Your hands worked their way down to his crotch and messages his length.

“Y/N, it’s alright I could take a shower,” Stiles muttered against your lips, he didn’t want to make you feel pressured into anything.

“Stiles, I need this, I need you.” You say before moving your hand inside his sweats.

   You knew he was feeling as if, he was pressuring you but he wasn’t. You had been just as horny as he was. Two horny people in one bed, of course this was bound to happen. He softly thrust his hips, at your movements. Throwing his head back he sighed in pleasure. You moved in a position where you could’ve pulled his sweats off. Being Stiles he didn’t wear boxers when he slept, so his erection sprung up slapping against his stomach before standing straight.

“Just relax, babe.” You whispered grabbing his shaft hungrily.

“Holy shit Y/N.” Stiles moaned when he felt your lips wrap around his throbbing cock.

   Swirling your tongue around his tip, you felt his hands crawl into your hair. You bobbed your head up and down, sucking softly but slowly on his erection.

“Fuck baby,” he moaned softly, “just like that.”

   Slowly you felt yourself getting worked up. The heat at your core made you moan on his cock. His hands moved in rhythm with your head and felt his body twitch uncontrollably. You released his cock from your mouth’s grasp and used your hand the replicate the movements, twisting your hands up and then down.

“Yes, fuck baby.” He said shivering at your touch.

   Quickly, Stiles brought you up to him kissing your lips tenderly before flipping over. Now he was on top of you, eager to feel your tight little womb suck him up. Pulling his shirt over his head from the collar, he reached down to pull off your shorts. Exposing your lace panties, you blushed.

“You didn’t expect me to cum like that, did do?” He whispered in your ear seductively. With one tug he ripped my panties and threw the now piece of fabric aside.

A gasped escaped your lips, “Stiles, that was my favorite pair.”

   He kissed down your neck, humming in response to you scolding. Of course you weren’t upset at him, how could you when he was pleasuring you senselessly. You groaned feeling his cold rough hands slide underneath your shirt. Nipping at your soft spot he smiled against the skin when feeling your exposed breast.

“No bra?” He whispered impressed, for being tired you sure as hell was prepared for him.

“Please baby, touch me.” You breath staggered.

   You wanted to feel him take you, dominate your body. You wanted him to claim you. He knew as well but he couldn’t help but tease you. Your folds caressed his length as he rubbed his cock against them. You moaned softly in his ear, making him only want you more. Your juices coated his cock, preparing him for what was next.

   Feeling cold and empty when he pulled away you whined in his absence. He brought your shirt over your head pulling it off. Lips connecting with one nipple, his hands tended to the other and his cock found itself running up and down your folds again.

“Stiles, baby don’t stop.” You moaned feeling your body shudder in pleasure.

“I want you Y/N.” He moaned against your chest.

   He teased your entrance with his tip, making you moan loudly. You needed him, you couldn’t wait another second, “Take me, baby, fuck me till I can’t walk tomorrow.”

Slowly you felt your wet cunt being filled with hard cock, your walls tightly grasping him. Melting beneath him, you bit your lip holding back from screaming his name. His rolled to the back of his head, feeling how tight you were. It was amazing how you stilled hugged his cock, no matter how hard he’d fuck you.

“Your so fucking tight.” He groaned pulling out slowly, before driving into you again.

“Take me, make me yours baby.” You moaned unable to open you eyes.

   He drove deeper into you with every thrust, building up your orgasm and his. Looking down at you, he attacked your exposed neck, breathing heavily in the crook of his neck.

“Faster,” you moaned quietly.

   Obeying your command he pounded into your tight cunt faster, making you claw at his back. The spring in the pit of your stomach was being pressed down on, ready to pop free at any moment. Stiles felt himself twitch inside of you signaling he was going to cum.

“I’m going to cum.” He said in your neck breathing heavily.

“Cum for me baby, I want your load.” you moaned seductively.

  He leaned up and gripped your waist, roughly bring you down his cock even further. Gripping the sheets you let out a loud moan, feeling him hit your g-spot. He twitched again but this time, he collapsed against you, his thrust becoming sloppy.

“Fuck yes, I’m cumming.” He groaned in pleasure pounding you harder desperate to fill you up with his whites.

   You felt him twitch again before releasing his hot load in you. That was all it took to push you over the edge, your orgasm was strong and long. The both you cried out feeling your climaxes. 

As the two of you rode out your orgasms, down the hall of Stiles room, Mr. Stilinski stares at his son’s door proudly. He had heard the loud moaning and the sound of skin hitting against each other.

“That’s my boy.” He whispered to himself before walking back to his room.


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Just Breathe●Stiles Stilinski x Reader●

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Based on these requests: Can I request an imagine in which there is like a pack meeting, stiles is running late and for some reason the reader gets a really bad panic attack and nobody knows what to do and are all worried but then stiles arrives and he helps her and is very worried and relieved because he secretly is in love with the reader and they are best friends. Thank you and I am totally obsessed with your blog!-Anonymous

Can you please do an imagine where the pack is having a meeting and stiles is running late, for some reason the reader has a really bad panic attack and nobody knows what to do, stiles arrives in the middle of it and helps the reader. I love your writing omg and thank you so much if you do this.-Anonymous

WARNINGS: nothing to life scaring, panic attack, Fluff.

y/n/n= your nick name

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“Okay, everyone’s here” Scott said. Nodding his head. Looking at Lydia

You looked around to see no Stiles.

You quickly pulled out your phone. Opening your message app. You opened your last convo with him.

Typing quickly where are you? Are you hurt? Why aren’t you at the pack meeting? Are you hurt? Did Theo get you? Dread doctors? Stiles? X :’(

“Lydia’s, well recovering and-” Scott started to say, but stopped. As he heard a heartbeat going faster than it should be.

He turned to his right to see you clutching the edge of the table tight, staring at your phone in front of you. Breathing heavily. Your face losing colour.

“(Y/n)” Scott said, his hand resting on your shoulder. The rest of the pack looking at you.

“What’s happening to her?” Malia asked.

“Maybe she has asthma?” Kira asked, as her hand rubbed her hand up and down on your back.

Your breathing getting worse. As you gasped for air.

“(y/n), look at me” Scott said. Leaning down to your level.

“Something is happening to her and I’m going to snap her out of it” Malia yelled, raising her hand to slap you.

“Don’t” Stiles shouted. Grabbing her wrist.

“It’s a panic attack” Stiles said. Letting go of Malia’s hand. Stiles quickly wrapped his arms around you. Pulling you into his chest. His hands rubbing soft circles into your back

“Hey, sh, (y/n/n). I’m here” Stiles cooed. Pressing his lips against your forehead.

“Stiles” you whimpered. Snuggling into his chest.

“I’ve got you. You’re going to be okay. I’d never leave you” Stiles softly said. Holding you tightly.

“Does she know he loves her?” Kira whispered to Scott. Making Scott smile at you and Stiles.

“I don’t think either of them know just how much they love each other” Scott answered. Wrapping his arm around Kira.

“Do you think they will ever tell each other?” Kira asked. Looking up at Scott.

“Yeah, they will” Scott said, smiling down at her.

“Can we got going with this meeting?” Malia asked, getting impatient. Glaring at you and Stiles with jealousy….

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You had set up the living room the way you liked for your fave show, Supernatural.

You had the lights off, A family size bag of potato chips, and salt ready just in case you get too paranoid. You were even wearing your Castiel cosplay on, just because you felt like it

You were just about to sit down when the doorbell rang.

‘Ugh!’ you groaned while getting up to open the door, revealing the pack.

‘Oh my God who died?’ you asked immediately thinking something bad had to have happened for every to be here.

‘No one died, we just came to hang out, Stiles said he texted you.’ Scott said, making everyone look at Stiles.

‘I did text her and she didn’t say no, she just didn’t say yes either because she didn’t reply.’ Stiles said awkwardly.

‘Why are you wearing a trench coat and business suit?’ Lydia asked.

You sighed as the timer on your phone went off.

‘Crap, whatever get in because I got two minutes, the rules are don’t talk unless its during commercials that includes questions. Don’t block the TV, and don’t touch my salt.’ said as you quickly ushered them all in and I hurried to the couch.

‘Um what did we walk in on?’ Liam asked as he sat on the floor.

‘Supernatural is on tonight, and it’s my favorite show, so shush.’

‘And the outfit is for…?’ Kira asked while sitting next to Scott on the love seat.

‘Cosplay now shh its on!’ you hissed as the show began.

You opened your chips and leaned against Stiles.

They recapped what all was happening, your little fangirl heart breaks a little at the footage of Cas saying yes to Lucifer.

‘I’m so confused right now.’ Malia whispered.

For the next hour was full of the pack looking at the TV while listening to your random out burst.

‘Oh my poor baby, if Cas is possessed be Lucifer than where the fuck is he? Are there too angels in on vessel?’

‘Oh my Chuck what is that thing? Get the hell away from the baby!’

‘Oh look it the robe is back!’ 

‘Emoji divorce.’

‘Dean is stealing already stolen Viagra.’

You continued to say shit like that while watching the show all the while your pack mates are completely confused, but still amused.

By the time the show was over you were exhausted emotionally and physically.

‘Why do I watch this shooow?’ you sighed.

‘Its not good for my health, my heart cannot handle this show.’ you groaned.

‘I don’t know what was really happening but I enjoyed watching you watch it.’ Scott smiled.

‘Same.’ everyone agreed.


Y/N: Liam, the reason why I don’t sleep a lot is because I can see the future in my dreams. 

Liam: You can see the future? 

Y/N: *nods* 

Liam: Okay… a-and what do you see?

Y/N: Death. 

Liam: Whose death?

Y/N: The death of all of you. *looks down* Liam, I saw everyone in Scott’s Pack die.

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Final part!

‘I don’t know if this is a good idea.’ Stiles said as he looked at the loft building.

‘Calm down, it’s not alike they will turn you away.’ you assured.

‘What if they do, or if they found a replacement or something?’ Stiles argued.

‘Stiles, stop worrying, get out of the car and talk to your friends.’ you said.

Stiles took a deep breath before finally opening the car door and stepping out, you followed behind him.

Once you two were at Derek’s door Stiles stood for a second before making a determined face.

‘I know at least six of you guys hear me out here so let me in.’ Stiles yelled.

The door opened revealing Scott McCall.

‘Hey.’ Stiles said awkwardly.

‘Hey.’ Scott said back.

‘Gonna let me in or what?’ Stiles asked.

Scott stepped aside and let you and Stiles in.

Everyone looked at the two of you, but mostly at Stiles.

‘So…’ you said awkwardly, waiting for someone to say something.

‘We thought you were out Stiles.’ Lydia said.

‘I was, but what can I say, I miss all this craziness. I might have even missed you guys, like only a little bit though.’ Stiles said.

‘Stiles, I know we already said it, but we are all really sorry, and we are going to make it all up to you.’Scott said.

‘Hey woah man chill, I don’t want you guys to get all weird and over-friendly. Just try to not be assholes this time around, if you guys can do that then we are good and everything is good.’ Stiles said.

‘Like hell we aren’t about to get weird.’ Erica said.

‘We are about to be all in your face like mace.’Boyd added.

‘Totally never leaving you alone.’ Isaac joined.

‘Agreed, starting right now.’ Allison said as she stood up and opened her arms and began walking toward him.

‘Oh no, nope.’ Stiles said as he backed up.

‘Come on Stiles just a hug.’ Derek said as everyone opened there arms and got closer.

‘It’s a group hug, a werewolf group hug. It’s already hot, you know.’ Stiles said awkwardly.

Before Stiles could give more reasons as to why he wasn’t down for a group hug his A.G.A yelled.


The pack basically pounced on him, someone, he wasn’t sure who, had knocked them all down.

‘Ooomf, I’m being crushed.’ Stiles gasped, but his smile showed no displeasure in his current situation.

‘Forgive us and we’ll get up.’ Jackson said.

‘Fine I forgive your fat asses, now get offa me.’ Stiles.

It took them a minute of detangling their limbs before they were all standing on their own two feet.

‘Now are we all good, no more weirdness.’ Stiles said.

‘Well it is Beacon Hills, so weirdness is always gonna happen, but we’re good.’ Jackson said.

‘Yeah, we’re all good, right Stiles?’ Scott asked for assurance.

‘Yeah completely cool.’ Stiles said, puling Scott into a hug, a single hug.

‘You see this, one on one, that’s how you hug.’ Stiles said as he pulled away.

‘And that is a job well done for me.’ you smiled.

‘Hey, (Y/N)? What happens to you now?’ Stiles asked.

‘Well you are in the clear, and my job is done, so now I go back to the invisible side lines.’ you said.

‘So I won’t see you again. I mean I will, but not for a long while, like a long long long while?’ Stiles said.

‘No spoilers, policies and all that jazz.’ you giggled.

‘I’ll miss you, you know.’ Stiles said.

‘I know, just remember me when you can’t find the other sock.’ you said sweetly.

The pack all watched as you again began to vibrate as the bright white light radiated off of your body. Soon the light faded away and the vibrating stopped.

‘Well that was an experience.’ Lydia said.

‘Hold on.’ Stiles said, looking down at his right foot in confusion.

‘What is it?’ Derek asked.

Stiles ignored him as he sat down and and took off his shoe revealing his foot, his bare foot.

‘She stole my sock with out taking off my shoe.’ Stiles chuckled as he showed the bottom of his foot were there was a message written on it.

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Request - Liam Dunbar “Of Course”

“So y/n, I heard our winter formal dance shit is coming up soon.” Your brother Stiles spoke up with a smug grin, still chewing on a piece of his sandwich, but making everyone in the pack except for Scott to look at you two in curiosity.

“Yeah y/n, that dance or formal whatever sounds pretty cool, you should go.” Scott encouraged, nodding along with Stiles. But, all this just caused you to laugh out loud and roll your eyes at the two.

 “Well I’m surprised you guys are actually encouraging me, you guys are usually doing the opposite.” You said, while taking a bite out of your sandwich that Stiles had prepared earlier on in the morning.

“Okay, what she’s saying is true.” Lydia laughed. “What are you guys even up to?” Malia lifted an eyebrow, “It’s probably something terrible, like that one ti-”

“Liam! Get your ass over here.” Stiles waved, catching Liam’s attention clearly.

You groaned, face palming yourself but let your hands cover your face, which was slowly turning a darker shade of pink. “Oh I see.” Kira laughed as she finally caught up with your little situation going on. “You guys are horrible brothers.” You could hear Lydia’s voice and soon Scott’s and Stiles’, “We know.”

“Hey guys, wait what’s wrong with y/n? Y/n are you alright?” Liam tried to pry apart your hands that were basically glued to your face, but stopped, before he hurt you.

“Well since lil’ y/n won’t tell us what is wrong, I will.” Stiles said, waiting to get a reaction out of you, which did work unfortunately.

“No! I’ll do it! Liam, come here.” You motioned over for him to follow you over to a spot where Stiles and them couldn’t see you even though you knew Scott and a few of the others could still hear you.

So once the two of you had found found a decent spot, you took in a deep breath, “Okay since the winter formal is coming up, would you like to go with me?” You asked, biting your lip in nervousness.

You thought he’d reject since you knew he had taken a small liking to Hayden, but you thought wrong.”

“Of course y/n. I’d love to go with you.”