After School is a short and beautiful little adventure with artwork created entirely from paper, pencils and watercolours, that tells a tale of unrequited love as a young girl yearns for the object of her affections to just look up from his book and notice her.

Sure the girl may come across as a borderline stalker, but all she really wants is for her true love to notice that she exists – a fact that hits hard in the game’s poignant ending scene.

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Scuola media Morbio Inferiore (middle school, 1st phase)
Morbio Inferiore, Ticino, Switzerland; 1972-74

Mario Botta, Emilio Bernegger, Rudy Hunziker, Luca Tami, architects; Erwino Kessel, enginner
(photography by Mario Borges)

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via “(Das) Werk, 62” (1975)