Oh Tony’s face here…how I love it. Its all about Bruce in this moment, about how the two of them are already on the same page with each other and they’ve known the other a few hours. How magnificent, brilliant, sharp, don’t give him any bullshit Bruce is. Tony just from this look on his face how gone he is already on all things Bruce. Just screams that’s my man :).


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Who do you ship in the marvel universe?


Uhhh I really like frostiron and winteriron 

Science Boyfriends cubed and ironhusbands

stuckony is chill 

starkquill and hawkiron are n I ce

idk if you noticed but all the ships are with tony because my son

uhh hhhhhhhhHHHHHHH oH clintxcoulson idk what that is, phlint? Er, its crack but mariaxnatasha 

tho i mostly hc natasha as ace or aroace

oo pepperony is nice 

uh i probably forgot some but yeah 

ladies gentlemen and others, I have come to introduce you to the avengers youtube channel

tony created the whole thing and and the bio reads: robin hood, uncle sam, ginger snaps, goldilocks, jolly green and the tin man’s chill room

there are videos of natasha teaching self defense moves for women, using the boys as props. her showing tips to learn other languages and “five things you didn’t know you could turn into a weapon”. her filming twenty minute long videos answering questions and giving advice to young girls about everything, from safety, mental health, recognizing abusive behavior in men, self confidence, and how to safely get out of risky situations

thor has a series of videos that go from “things of midgard I (Thor) do not understand” and “thor tries things” of his tasting foods from all over the globe because he is deeply fascinated and respectful of other cultures

bruce does a video series of him teaching yoga and meditation, and every once in a while he asks another member of the team to participate, and by far the most viewed one is of him trying to teach tony to stay still and not say anything and tony does try, but fails miserably while bruce sighs. bruce showing recipes from all the places he’s been. “how to create a stress free environment” videos

tony being the science dad™ making videos of “cool shit you can do with useless eletronics you haven’t used since the 90s but haven’t thrown out yet”. he has short videos of “easier ways to physics” and “math for things you will actually use on your day to day life”. he makes thirty minute long videos of him showing pop culture to steve and thor. so. many. storytime. videos. “that time we tried to lift thor’s hammer”, “steve and the 21st century”, “I watched natasha castrate a man with a plastic spoon”, “clint making the mistakes again”, “reasons why I love bruce banner”. “how to handle anxiety like a boss” videos

steve does the whole thing, from homemade remedies for sick kids that he learned when times were rough and sarah couldn’t afford the real ones. workout tips. and of course, educational yet ranting videos of basic human decency things that should’ve changed in 70 years but haven’t. “it’s ok to ask for help, it doesn’t make you weak” videos

clint being that bitch, trolling everyone in everyway imaginable. changing thor’s shampoo bottle for pink hair dye? check. coloring all of steve’s clothes red blue and white? check. changing the sugar of bruce’s tea for salt? check. making jarvis play everyone a different theme song for when they walk into the room? check. and of course, tony. there are several hour long compilation videos of him scaring the shit out of tony

all of them reading fanfiction about each other. stony, clintasha, ironhawk, ironwidow, romanogers, thor/everyone, loving all the combinations they can find. yes to poliamory and everyone loving each other

jarvis livestreams a night of them drinking asgardian ale and playing mario kart and singing high school musical songs on karaoke. it breaks youtube viewing records

AU where Persons A and B are roommates and A is a vampire and doesn’t even hide it but B just thinks they’re joking all the time.

“Is that wine? Can I have a sip?”

“It’s blood.”

“Haha, whatever you say.”

“Where did you get these sweet fake fangs?”

“They’re real. I’m a vampire.”

“Sure you are, and I’m Bigfoot.”

  • Friend: did you watch the homecoming trailer? God, it looked good and specially that part where peter thinks its a hug but tony was reaching for the door hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
  • Me: w h a t do you mean?
  • Friend: eh?
  • Me: that was a hug. I know that was a hug. Peter knew it was a hug, Tony knew it was a hug, hell people in space knew it was a hug
  • Friend: bu-
  • Friend: ...

soulmate au based off the idea that everyone sees colours differently (because the cones and rods in people’s eyes are all different, what you think of as red might actually be yellow to some people) where you can only see the world in different shades of your soulmate’s favourite colour. You don’t see all the colours until you meet your soulmate. So, if your soulmate’s favourite colour is blue, you can only see blue. So things that are actually red you see as baby blue, black things are navy blue to you, etc. Now imagine your OTP. Person A is an artist, and so their favourite colour changes constantly. Person B knows what all the different colours are because almost every week they’ll wake up to sunlight tinted a different colour than the week before. In return, Person B’s favourite colour is also always changing because they fall in love with whatever Person A’s favourite is at the moment, so they both see all the colours before they even meet. But when they do meet, they see all the colours at once because they’re at a gay pride parade and it’s the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen