With the upcoming release of the single player downloadable content for The Last of Us - Left Behind, I decided to create something to hold me over until the release. Not having played any of the DLC yet I went strictly off the first teaser trailer, which included a carousel. Also I figured since the whole thing takes place in a mall, this might be a center piece, or possibly a big moment. The whole thing took a little over 4 hours.
Okage: Shadow King for PS4 launches March 22

Okage: Shadow King will launch for PlayStation 4 on March 22, the latest PlayStation Blogcast confirmed.

The game originally launched for PS2 in 2001. The PlayStation 4 version runs via upscaled PS2 emulation and offers a set of 30 PlayStation Network trophies.

Here’s an overview, via the game’s old website:

A shadow possessed … A spirit released … A journey taken …

In an unexpected twist of fate, the spirit of an evil king is unleashed and possesses the shadow of an innocent young boy named Ari. Wielding the burden of the evil ghostly being, Ari and his friends must journey across a wonderfully animated, whimsical world. In this struggle between good and evil, between light and dark, manage your team carefully or forever be held captive by the evil king’s spirit.
PlayStation Network Flash Sale: Ni no Kuni, Trials Fusion, Freedom Wars, and more for under $5 - Gematsu
Sony Computer Entertainment America are holding a PlayStation Network flash sale this weekend, and it includes games like Ni no Kuni, Borderlands 2, BioShock, Okami HD, Trials Fusion, Freedom Wars, and Soul Sacrifice Delta for under $5. The flash sale starts today and ends at 9:00 a.m. PT on Monday, May 18. Get the full …



PSVita Developer Diaries: The Genesis

PlayStation Vita - PSVITA - A lot of hard work goes into creating such a powerful device. We wanted to you to hear first-hand about PS Vita’s development process and the many minds behind the product. Check out the video for a look at the movers and shakers behind PS Vita and the types of experiences you can anticipate come February. 

PlayStation 4 to receive 100 new titles in 2014

by Abdul Rob

Following up on immense global consumer demand, SCE America’s John Koller has announced a 100 new titles to be expected for the console over 2014. The news comes as a response to consumer demand, with all early shipments of the console just about accounted for.

The PlayStation twitter also confirms this statement, which would mean big things for players as well as for Sony who has seen staggering amounts of subscriptions to its PlayStation Plus service (up 90%) as well PlayStation Network card sales (up 120% year-over-year).

via VG247, IGN

source - PlayStation twitter