JUNGKOOK : Does the jealous tongue when someone gets close to Jimin. 

ME : It is a coincidence, maybe he had something between his teeths …like everytime he had something … yes ??

JUNGKOOK & JIMIN : Showering each others with hot compliments !

ME : Aren’t they nice to one another ! what a friendship !

JUNGKOOK : Always tries to sit or be next to jimin.

ME : Maybe they are just good friends. A coincidence maybe … 

JIMIN : Gets jealous over fans touching jungkook.

ME : It is a concept. 

JUNGKOOK : Touching jimin’s chest for the n th time

ME : Mmmm … mmm … AH ! Right ! He is so into working out lately he wanted to compare both their bodies. It is a guy thing u know.. 

JIMIN : CONFIRMS ship names “Jikook” and “Minkook” 

ME : *Sweats heavily* I think mmm They just sounded cute … to him …

JIMIN : *Bazooka move* KISSES JUNGKOOK !



the heir - pt.4

Group : BTS

Member : Park Jimin

Word Count :  3,423

Genre : fluff, angst, mention of mature content

Description : It has been eight years, long enough for you to forget about him. But seeing your son everyday, who is almost a duplication of him, always brings back the painful memories of how the only one you had ever loved had died eight years ago. Killed by the police for being a criminal who had broken into a bank and kidnapped a hostage.  

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{Reaction} Monsta x the morning after you've spent the night being intimate with another member.

Note: Okay so this wasn’t requested, but I’ve written sooo much EXO that I felt I needed to make room for some Monsta X since they’re wrecking me at the moment. Enjoy monbebes~ ♥

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

Lee Minhyuk

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As far as all of the other members were concerned, you slept on the sofa that night. But Minhyuk knew that you snuck into Wonho’s room, and Minhyuk also knew that the two of you weren’t doing anything particularly innocent either. It didn’t bother him much since the noises didn’t keep him for too long. But he wasn’t going to let this go so easily, not when he had so much teasing material.

{y/n}: “Minhyuk, will you pass me that?”

Minhyuk: *Whispers in your ear* “Why don’t you get Daddy to get it? I know he gave you a lot last night”

{y/n}: *Spits out drink*

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun doesn’t appreciate being deprived of sleep, so when he hears you and Changkyun in the next room making certain noises he groans. Throwing a pillow over his face in attempt to block out all the sound. The next morning, when you’re leaving the room, Kihyun is waiting outside, arms folded and a glare directed at you in a deathly way.

{y/n}: “Good… morning, Kihyun.” *Looking at him confused*

Kihyun: “Really, {y/n}? Good morning? It’s not a good morning! I didn’t sleep all night.”

{y/n}: “Oh really… well that’s- bye!” *Dashes past him.*

Kihyun: “{Y/N}!”

Shin Ho Seok/ Wonho

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Wonho wasn’t happy when he was kept up the whole night with the sound of you and Hyungwon sex noises filling his ears all night (especially when he also has feelings for you, it’s almost torture.) So the next morning, on top of being tired, and upset he was also incredibly grumpy and wasn’t in a partially forgiving mood despite the fact it had been your first time at the Monsta X dorms.

{y/n}: “Do you guys have a bathroom?”

Wonho: “No, we shit outside.”

Hyungwon: “Wonho, what’s your problem?”

Wonho: Thanks to someone, I had one hour of sleep last night.” *Glaring*

Son Hyun Woo/ Shownu

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The father of the group was not happy when he heard the sound of you and Jooheon getting it on in the bedroom next to his. But unlike the others, he didn’t wait until the next morning to act. No, he got his laptop instantly and started writing a document that you would be faced with the next morning.

{y/n}: “What is this?” *Takes the paper Shownu handed you.* “Shownu, what the hell is the relationship agreement?”

Shownu: “Read it.”

{y/n}: “Separate bedrooms will be provided… no seeing each other after 8pm… alone time in the dorm in not prohibited.” *Looks up.* “This is about last night, isn’t it?”

Shownu: “Yup!” *smirks as you roll your eyes.* “Keep rolling your eyes, {y/n}. Maybe then you’ll have a chance of finding a brain back there.”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M.

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Changkyun had been sound asleep until a loud banging woke up up. For a moment, he was confused, wondering what the hell would be making that kind of noise this late at night. But that was when it dawned on him that the noise was the sound of Shownu’s headboard banging against the wall. He groaned, not caring what he was walking in on as he stood up, exited his room and banged on Shownu’s door. Suddenly it went quiet, then there was shuffling sounds until {y/n} opened the door looking a little sheepish.

{y/n}: “Everything alright, Changkyun?”

Changkyun: “You know what I love most about waking up?”

{y/n}: “What?”

Changkyun: “Nothing. Let me fucking sleep.”

Chae Hyungwon

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Hyungwon was pretty much all night, not just for one round of you and Minhyuk having fun, but three rounds. Needless to say, Hyungwon looked like he was about to collapse at the breakfast table that morning he was so tired, and when he wasn’t looking like he was about to fall asleep on someone he’s glaring at you or Minhyuk.

Minhyuk: “What’s wrong, Hyungwon?”

Hyungwon: “Let’s just say that if you keep me awake all night again, you’ll be locked out of the dorm for a month.”

Minhyuk: “Why would it be my fault you were awake all ni- oohhhhh… sorry.”

Hyungwon: “Yes, you will be.”

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon didn’t miss that much sleep, but it didn’t make him any happier come the morning. He watched you and Kihyun at the breakfast table. Half of him was tired, and the other was a little heartbroken since he’d liked you for as long as Kihyun had. He sighed as you looked over at him.

{y/n}: “Are you okay, Jooheon? Did you sleep well.”

Jooheon: “Not exactly…”

{y/n}: “Why?”

Jooheon: “Let’s just say I wish people with closed minds also have closed mouths.” *Glares at Kihyun.*

BTS!harry potter au: Where Kim Taehyung is from Huffle-Puff.


  • pure blood.
  • he is actually the best person.
  • Tae was in the Quidditch by accident.
  • it was like when Harry Potter join the quidditch team. 
  • Favorite subject is Care of Magical Creatures.
  • he is like a Newt 2.0.
  • Tae is one of those people who rather be with animals than people.
  • except JungKook, he loves his best friend.
  • And Park Jimin as well.
  • but JungKook get jealous when Tae is with Jimin.
  • and Tae thinks is super cute.
  • people might think he is weird and push him away because of that
  • but Jimin, Kookie and Hobi knows
  • how amazing he is.
Imagine the boys being jealous


During an interview in which you are also invited he can’t stop his jealous when see the presenter flirting all the time with you.


In the recording of one of the music videos he gets angry when he sees how one of the assistants does not stop talking to you.


Jin just came back from the bathroom when he found you laughing “very close” to Jungkook.


During a photoshoot in which it was very cold Hobi offered to give you his coat but the photographer replied that he had already asked to bring you one and a cup of hot chocolate. You smiled and that caused a lot of jealousy in him.


The boys invited you to stay to sleep and the fact that you accepted a shirt of Tae as pajamas made Suga jealous and did not want to talk for hours without telling you why.


The relationship you have with Jimin is secret and he can’t contain his jealous every time when in a tv show they ask you if you have a boyfriend and you say no.


You still have a good relationship with your ex boyfriend Jackson (from Got7) so sometimes he comes to visit you and it is at that moment that Jungkook becomes super jealous because he knows that Jackson wants to go back with you

Pd: Please tell me if something is badly written, English is not my first language and maybe somewhere I made some mistake


Seven Steps to Hell: The Seventh Step.

Series: Prologue | BamBam | Mark | Jackson | Youngjae | Yugyeom | Jaebum Conclusion

Genre: Smut, honestly; 7 Cardinal Sins! AU

Word Count: 3.3K

Notes: Kinky shit happening. Slight D/S undertones, kind of dubious consent, erotic asphyxiation, among others. Don’t read this if you’re uncomfortable with anything I’ve just listed. Otherwise, please enjoy^^

Edit: Moodboard below submitted by @saf0607

“It was Pride that changed angels into devils…” 

- St. Augustine 

It’s finally time to face the last one, the darkest and most cynical of the Sins. You aren’t sure how well this will go, since you know that he’s the one who holds the most grievances—that his power stems through the rest of the Seven.

You dare to enter regardless, taking a deep breath as you approach a door that’s carved with runes. The ancient language is littered all over the entrance, incidentally drawn into concentric circles, as a protective measure. The rest of the Sins don’t have protection like this, which is what makes him so much more difficult to absolve.

You lay your palm against the center of the circle, breathing slowly as the symbols glow bright red for mere seconds, before the door swings open.

It’s time.

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a collective shoutout to the usual pre-clasico mentions

- the “haha we stole figo from under your nose” mockery

- pique’s manita gesturing

- that one time bale wiped the field clean in a cdr final

- bringing up, and subsequently disputing the validity of the 11-1 scoreline from 19-fucking-43

- that photoset of zizou going off on lucho circa. early 2000s

- ”whERE IS YOUR TREBLE putas”

- …anyway can’t hear u over the sound of being 12x ucl winners

- the tedious din of d10s v. penaldo (ft. tax evasion jokes)

- an exhaustive compilation of every single clasico card that sergio ramos garcia has earned