160203 世界辣么大网络剧 Online Show “The World Is That Big” Weibo

#2.14世界辣么大#  又到说晚安的时候了,马上要过年了,你们会买红围巾吗?主页君想买一条同款。@方逸伦Alen吧 #世界辣么大#

#Feb 14 The World Is That Big# Time to say good night again, it’s almost [Lunar] New Year, will you guys buy a red scarf? OP wants to buy the same style @方逸伦Alen #The World Is That Big#

(t/n: “The World Is That Big” [unofficial english translation] is a new upcoming online comedy travel show by Tong Cheng Travel, starring 于朦胧 Yu Menglong, 于洋 Yu Yang, 方逸伦 Fang Yilun (Alen), 董宝儿 Dong Baoer and 徐千京 Xu Qianjing, that will start airing on Feb 14.)

Translated by xpixelatedz@justm4m
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