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Breakdown / Accent / Arc

To thank for the support for our film so far, we are posting some notes on animating originally made for our animation assistants. Breakdown is a very crucial technique of animating. It is a guideline of how every action should be acted out. It involves a thinking process of “hmm, I want my character to move in this way particularly, because of the context/situation/emotion/thought… etc” 

Last but not least, breakdowns are the playground for animators. If you find these notes useful, also check out our film We Have Plenty. It’s a 2D animated film created by the students of SCAD and RISD. Please support us on Kickstarter and help us spread the word! We will be back for more notes on animation! 

This was a piece I did a few months back based on the new Broadway production of Anastasia! It was commissioned by one of the producers as an opening night gift for the cast and crew; I have always been a huge fan of the movie, so it was a real treat to be involved (in a very small way) with the stage adaptation!


My 4th year film, MILK QUEST, is finally done! It’s a short about a bear who goes on a journey to buy some milk.

Please check it out! 🐼🥛


This is the reason why I haven’t been very active as of late. I’m currently working on two animated films, one about foo dogs and another about a bear. This is the major project because this is my senior film, or the film I need to finish before I graduate. These are just concept work before I really get into the full development of the film before actual animation; I’m so excited!

So the idea is basically this: A baby bear goes fishing to feed its sick mother.

If you’re wondering about the style choice, I’m taking inspiration from the Haida artstyle and trying to implement some of it into my film. C:

I gotta pitch this badboy to the school’s animation professors, so wish me luck!

No matter what you thought of these shows, you have to keep in mind that every single team and creator worked hard on these productions.  And nothing hurts more to them than seeing their show crashing and burning right before their eyes.  The Great Comet is a show that never deserved this treatment.  It’s a show that pushed creative boundaries on what you can do on Broadway in music, stage and cast.  It’s a show that is truly unique in every which way and it hurts my heart to see the actors, the creative directors and especially Dave Malloy expressing disappointment and pain from what has happened in the past 24 hours.  Go support the team and the cast in any way possible so we can see the possibility of more shows like this pop up in the future.