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5! And the kids one!

5. The cutest date I’ve ever been on- I’ve been on a lot of cute dates so I’ll talk about my first date with my girlfriend, I guess. We’d been chatting for several weeks online, having been mutual for over a year, about hooking up while she was in town, sexting, etc. I was nervous because my bed was in a bit of a rickety state/needed reinforcing. The night before I went to Home Depot for super strength wood glue to glue my frame together a bit better- it still only withstood about an hour of sex, and we laughed every time the mattress sank a little bit closer to the floor. I was just getting good at making sourdough and tried a new recipe (my favorite now, for the record) the week of our date to ensure that it would come out well, because we decided to make some bread while hooking up. There were lots of signs that something more than sexual was up- we talked casually about being the other’s dream girl, wanting the same number of kids, wanting some silly things in common like the same color Le Crueset dutch oven, liking the same fruits, and worse I asked her if it would be okay to use pet names together while hooking up. I went to Target with my mom and grabbed some sparkling cranberry-apple juice (my girlfriend is not 21 but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to drink so much as because I love sparkling grape juice) and my mom later got offended when I told her it was for the date because she’d already figured that out.

All of this is pre date. So bad already.

Anyway the day comes to meet and I now know she changed outfits 6 times trying to find the perfect outfit and she landed on this really good shirt that was not sexy itself but uhhh showed just enough cleavage from my height, and some jeans so tight on her (very nice) legs that I had trouble peeling them off later. I was at work at a coffee shop (SBx- this is not a secret but I quit a few months ago after 4 years there) and, when I saw her I got so shocked at how pretty she was that I promptly turned around, took a garbage bag that was half empty to the back of house, and collected myself to look cool and calm enough on the outside. So I collected myself and walked over to flirt on a break for a bit, sexted with her until close, and then met her at a bar across the street because I was skipping out on an after work meeting and couldn’t leave hand in hand with her. She was so excited she kissed me outside the bar, earlier than she had planned to, and I held her hand in the uber home while (I forgot this until she mentioned it) stroking her hand with my thumb.

I’ll spare you the details but we quickly found out that we are very sexually compatible and pretty much had great sex for 6 hours while making bread in between (bread only needs to be touched a fee times prior to baking- most of the time is waiting), including a few “I should go but uhhhh one more time…okay one more” times, and chatting the night away. We had a great time and the bread turned out really well and I just felt that spark you feel with someone who’s almost a perfect fit. I don’t know how to explain it, and I’ve only felt it once before her in my whole life. But it’s a feeling that you want to keep this one around as long as possible, that this person is going to be significant factor in your life for as long as possible. At the end I thought I looked fine but she says I looked like a caricature of a sad person, slumped over with my hands in my pockets. We kept in touch and eventually started jokingly sort of dating and then allowed ourselves to admit we were dating even if we didn’t call it that. We didn’t see each other for 4 months because she was out of the country but we Skyped for 4 hours almost every day and we’ve visited a lot since she’s been back in the country.

We are coming up on 10 months soon and I’m very deeply in love, and consider her the best surprise I’ve ever gotten. She’s the most supportive and kind and caring partner I’ve ever had, and hopefully that I will ever have so long as she’ll have me. I’m still amazed at how lucky we got that she just happened to be in my city on a day when I just so happened to get off early and that we even just so happened to follow each other here for a while beforehand. I’m hoping to visit her next month and also I hope this makes her cry a little.

5. I would love to have kids, as many as I can reasonably afford to raise! I’m super excited to be a butch mom.