Arron Andrews shoots Anastasia Saf at Urban Cowboy B&B in Williamsburg for part 1 of Sandbox Studio’s new editorial series, Killer Instincts.

Photographer: Arron Andrews
Model: Anastasia Safonov with Wilhelmina Models
Location: Urban Cowboy, Williamsburg
Stylist: Shauna Nicole McCann
Hair: Enrico Mariotti
Makeup: Josee Leduc
Videography: Andrew Mailliard
Producer: Marie Walsh
Creative Director: Davia deCroix

nameless8-bites-sbny :

HGGGNNN.. This is the hideous thing I was talking about ;; but anyways…
*coughs* well..DORITOS ARE LIFE.. Doritos are a triangular shape tortilla chip (or almost hah) covered on nacho cheese. It makes your tongue go nuts with their flavor ❤! *drools*
Uhm.. *lifts the bag of doritos* this is for you guys ///./// *runs away*

“Doritos? I guess I’ll try them out later…but where are you going, friend?”

// aaaaaa this looks amazing! Thank you so much! !! You better not run away though! We still have much things to discuss!  。゚(TヮT)゚。