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Name/Nickname: aneweer/zinny

Height: 160 cm i think?

Hogwarts House? hufflepuff apparently

Last Thing Googled? “electro-funk”

Fictional Character I’d Like As a Sibling: yasha _(:3」∠)_

How Many Blankets do you Sleep With? 1

Favorite Artist/Band: chromeo and m1dy

How Many Blogs do You Follow? 188

Do You Get Asks Regularly? once a year if i’m lucky lol

What’s Your Aesthetic? cds, vintage stuff (radios, typewriters, cassettes), purple and anything moon related

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Name/Nickname:“Nutty Bar” (it’s a pun of my last name)

Height: About 5”1

Hogwarts House? Ravenclaw

Last Thing Googled? “What are games played during Seollal?” (I’ve been working on an essay)

A fictional Sibling I’d Like as a Sibling: Takumi

How Many Blankets do you Sleep With? 5

Favorite Artist/Band: It’s a hard choice, i’m stuck between Soul’d Out and MSI

How Many Blogs do You Follow? 800+

Do You Get Asks Regularly? Not that often but i’m always thankful when i do

What’s Your Aesthetic? Just kinda landscape and scenery

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Arron Andrews shoots Anastasia Saf at Urban Cowboy B&B in Williamsburg for part 1 of Sandbox Studio’s new editorial series, Killer Instincts.

Photographer: Arron Andrews
Model: Anastasia Safonov with Wilhelmina Models
Location: Urban Cowboy, Williamsburg
Stylist: Shauna Nicole McCann
Hair: Enrico Mariotti
Makeup: Josee Leduc
Videography: Andrew Mailliard
Producer: Marie Walsh
Creative Director: Davia deCroix