OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK things are getting better. I started talking to a POT three days ago. I didn’t really think much of it, and we’ve been texting each other non stop since we both said hello. He contacted me after reading my ad for a sugar daddy, and he is very new to this. Let’s call him “Luxe”.


So, a bit about Luxe. He is a business man, I won’t go too into his career and personal life for obvious reasons, all you need to know is he is successful. He owns business’ in Queensland and in Melbourne. He pends his time between both cities. He is a little insecure, he sent me a photo of himself first, which I was very happy about because most of the men have always asked to see a picture of me first. He captioned it something a long the lines of “This is me, before this goes any further, let me know if you are still interested, I will understand if you’re not”. He is much older than me, I am sure he is over 55. He has not told me his age. He also has two adult children who are both married. He told his son and his daughter in-law that he met a woman in Melbourne, but he did not mention a sugar baby / sugar daddy arrangement. He is single, and he doesn’t want to hide anything from his family, which makes everything much easier for me. Plus, we have set up a date at a lovely steakhouse in Melbourne this Friday night. 


This man is so infatuated with me. He calls me beautiful, he always says he is so impressed with my intelligence. He even admitted my combination of beauty and brains frighted him a little (GOOD!) He cannot get over the fact I am not what he expected at all. He loves that I am classy in the way I dress, how I speak, and he is so surprised I am focused on my studies and have major goals. He wants to help me achieve everything (his words!), I cannot believe what a gem he is. I will say, the reason he is so surprised about me is probably of the way we are perceived by a bunch of whorephobic assholes in the Media, and well, everyday life. Plus, he has told me he thought the SB would not be interested in creating a friendship with the man and instead only focus on the money. I don’t know about you ladies, people, and gentleman in the bowl, but, it is so important to be that I have a great relationship with my SD. Quality is as important to me as quantity. I’m glad he see’s that. He told me he feels very lucky he has found me, I feel luck I’ve found him too.


Well, he lives in a penthouse in the Gold Coast, his apartment building is amazing. It is literally a luxury apartment. He took a few pictures for me when I told him I liked interior design and decorating and told me he needed a little help with decorating. So cute, and yes he needs a lot of help. His space has so much potential and it’s going to waste.

I asked him to compensate me to cover getting ready for Friday (Nails, Outfit, Transportation, etc). He did not even hesitate. I asked him for $500, he even asked me if I wanted more. I politely told him I could always use more, and he should add to the amount whatever is comfortable adding, I get my dough tomorrow!! I then told him I was excited to meet him in person this Friday because I genuinely am and it makes it much more personal for him too.

He wants to a break from work to go on a little getaway to Boracay (Google it) a small island in the Philippines. He told me he would love to have my company on the trip, and he even showed me the resort where he usually stays when he goes to visit. It’s beyond beautiful. I cannot put it into words.

I told him I would love my own apartment, my own space to decorate and make my own. Guess what he did? He asked me what types of apartments I like, which suburbs in Melbourne I like, and what type of Interior decorating styles I like. He literally went on the internet and started looking for apartments. He suggested for us to go look at apartments next week or in a fortnight together so I can pick which one I like the most. He pays, I pick and decorate.


 I am honestly very overwhelmed because this man is a gem. I am staying clam and not getting my hopes up too much, I am looking forward to Friday when I get to meet him in person. We’ll take it from there. I hope good comes out of this. 


Game changer

I’m so very glad that I guarded my heart for so long.

That I kept it behind huge walls, locked doors & tucked away.

I spent time single & content. Single & anxious. Single & happy. Single & sad. Single.

That I met this human who enhances every second of my life. Who fills my thoughts. Who makes me feel so beyond lucky, happy & special. That luck/fate/coincidence happened to introduce us.

I’m happy I trust this one, but it isn’t a choice as much as an instinct. I don’t try & let him in, he just happens to have the keys to all the doors and walls that were previously locked.

I’m happy, plain & simple.

hey can we talk about the bill in indiana that was just passed

it’s the religious freedom restoration act (RFRA), and as of today, march 26th, it was signed by governor mike pence. this act allows businesses to deny service to anyone strictly based on the business’ religious views

this means that any business of any kind could deny anyone service if they deemed it against the company’s/management’s/employee’s religion

this new law has the potential and very real possibility of discriminating against groups like:

  1. the lgbtqiap+ community. this has been a specific focus in the arguments against this bill, and there have even been several groups and members of the lgbt+ community outwardly protesting against this bill
  2. people of color
  3. muslim + jewish people (specifically people in these two religions that outwardly express their religion, like hijabis)
  4. pretty much anyone who is not a cis-presenting straight christian white-passing person, since this state is teetering on the edge of the bible belt

george takei has written commentary on this, and gen con (the only big convention held annually in indianapolis, and a giant profit for the state in general) is threatening to relocate. other than that, though, ive seen slim to none about this bill on the internet

please reblog this and spread the word. this could be incredibly harmful to the lgbt+ community and all other minorities in the state of indiana

Semen is so useless I wish that dicks shot out money and gifts instead of semen

Or like the semen could grow into something other then a baby omg I’m pregnant with 1.5 million dollars and I’m due in August or omg I’m pregnant with a Lamborghini Aventador



But, now I totally understand the literal aspect of rotflmao…. 😂😂😂

***This just HAD to be shared back with the SB tag!!! Vanilla Tumblr is funny in itself…. The people on vanilla TWITTER- I swear to god, this shit is classic! You have got to go read that shit it is FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!! 😂😂😂***