I can’t decide if I want to end things with my sd or not. I don’t really like him as a person at all, not saying he’s a bad person but I don’t really enjoy spending time with him.
But at the same time, does that matter? Do I need to like him or should I just remind myself that this is a job? With escort clients it’s easy, I have no trouble pretending to like someone for an hour. But pretending to like someone all the time, it’s really draining!!

EMERGENCY | important

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hey guys, its miles && i still need help.

those that don’t know me && are just now
seeing this post floating because your mutual
reblogged it ( or something ) i am mentally
&& physically disabled
that makes it hard for
me to work certain jobs ( if at all ).

i moved from Australia && in with my partners
because of my emotionally abusive && toxic
home environment.  

i am trying to find jobs with little avail && i’m
on the determination end of disability as i have
a physical eval on the 13th of feb.

this new post is to explain what i need and basic
figures of my side of things, and its as follows &&
this is all due real soon;

$40 AUS ( $28 USD ) - It’s a negative balance
with my Australian Bank because I used it in an
emergency && i need to pay it.

$22.50 USD - Internet

$17.50 USD - Electricity

$15.00 USD - Gas.

$50??? USD - Half of Food per week ( it changes
in lieu of how much we buy )

$??? - Extra donations for things that come up. 

if anyone can help it is much appreciated but if not
&& you can only boost this, that is the best i can
ask for && i will make icons for those who donate

my paypal that is only useful as its american is

DO NOT USE meg.pie23137@hotmail.com for its
a nightmare to get it to my new paypal && into my
account – i found this out the hard way a few
days ago.

Majority is due this first week of February

please help me out, i wouldn’t be asking
for help if it wasn’t vital, && this is as vital
as the day before when things were due
back when i was at the motel.

Sugar Sweet Success

Hi my loves, here are the things I live by to be a successful SB.

  1. You have to make him fall in love with you. Period. That’s honestly what keeps them coming back. What I do every time I encounter a POT is figure out what kind of girls he likes\ the kind of girl he wants. If I can’t figure it out I straight up ask, “Whats your fantasy?” then I become it.
  2.  Always look good. Tell yourself you’re never at a 10, there’s always something to make yourself look better. Amp your makeup game, go to the gym more, get those extensions, whatever you need to do.
  3. Have a style icon. Someone you mirror your outfits, hair, and makeup after. Mine is Kim K and an assortment of girls on Instagram. 
  4. Have dreams and aspirations. These all could be fake honestly. Tell him you want to open a boutique, own a lingerie line, go to medical school. Whatever. Bring it up sometimes, but not a lot. It’s just helps shape the image that you are the full package. Beautiful, smart, and driven. Tell him you’ve traveled, lie about the places you’ve been too. Guys like to fuck and stay around interesting girls. Remember. 
  5. Also, don’t just fuck him on your dates. And don’t always just get together just to fuck. Suggest other things. Look up cool places to eat and bars in your area. He has to see that other men crave you and in order for that to happen you guys have to go out.
  6. Cancel sometimes when he really wants it, but follow up with a cute snap of you in lingerie. Don’t always be available. My personal thing is I never answer those, “I want to see you tonight” texts. Ever. I need 48 hours notice. 
  7. Watch porn. Up your sex game. Try something new with him.
  8. Make sure he knows that he can confide in you. Shoulder rubs while you talk quietly to him, ask him how his day was. You have to be soft. Never really raise your voice. Always always sweet.
  9. Remember, you’re a business woman. You are your product. Invest in it and the results will show.