I’m still in the start of the fourth Shinobi war 😂
But I will see this movie anyway !!!
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                   Ninja Rangkings (From The Last DB)

Sakura, Shikamaru, Temari, and Neji is the only ones from their generation to become jounins.

Shikamaru, Temari, Neji is being the exact same ranks they were when the series ended, except for Sakura and Shikamaru , who is promoted to be jounin.





I’m so proud and happy. That’s my queen. Should i call her ‘Jounin Sakura’? Kekeke~

Oh and dont forget Naruto is hokage!

Sasuke being jealous is like

“Why she likes so much that actor, stay calm and cool Sasuke…” (This is from Naruto the movie 1)

“Why my waifu has to help you Naruto…”

“Ok.. he is telling to Sakura that she is pretty.. calm down Sasuke and don’t show any emotion like Naruto is doing now, so the best thing that i can say is”..

“That is Sasuke, just say that and dont show your jealousy”. (This is from Naruto Chaper 102)


The Samurai and Cherry blossom By DesertRose69

Cherry flowers usually fall very soon. Sakura flower is delicate and wind down soon. So, you can enjoy its beauty and falling in its fullness, not enough time to see it wither. This is related to code of the samurai in Japan. Moreover, the emblem of the samurai warriors was the cherry blossom. The aspiration of a samurai was killed in his heyday, in the battle, and not age and “wither”, nor the cherry blossom on the tree withers.

It has been said that the samurai could remain spellbound hours contemplating a cherry blossom, paradoxically in the blink of an eye, they could leave a sea of ​​blood on the ground.

Sakura (cherry blossom in Japanese) contains a powerful charm that has transpired to this day and continues to perfume the moral atmosphere, so it was chosen in the Middle Ages as a symbol of the Samurai spirit; because it born at sunrise, and falling branch at noon to die, in the splendor of its beauty. And the Samurai, like Sakura, at the height of his wisdom in the art of fighting, death without fear by a sense of duty, honor and loyalty betrayed.

The highest aspiration of the Samurai was to fulfill the precepts of the Way (Do) and become a noble knight, with an austere lifestyle, supported by the loyalty and sense of duty that were still above the natural instinct of preservation own life.


* My hands.
* Card Opalina.
* Pen PILOT.
* Black ink.
* Brushes.
* Watercolor.

The one who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love.
The one who loves him with all her heart.
The one who waited for him.
The one who always wanted make him happy.

Haruno Sakura is the one who Sasuke loves.
Haruno Sakura is the one who he chose to be his wife.

Haruno Sakura is his family.
She is his lover, his hapiness

“ I’ll see you when I’m back… and thank you. ” - Uchiha Sasuke