• Man Overboard:I miss my girlfriend.
  • The Story So Far:I hate my girlfriend.
  • Neck Deep:I hate my girlfriend even more.
  • New Found Glory:I miss my girlfriend, but I love my friends.
  • Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!:My girlfriend doesn't realize the importance of having friends.
  • Motion City Soundtrack:I miss my girlfriend so I'm gonna self-medicate by drinking this bottle of Jack Daniels...
  • State Champs:My girlfriend doesn't know a damn thing about me.
  • Four Year Strong:Who cares if I don't have a girlfriend? I'm gonna rise up and prevail anyway, also where's the pizza?
  • Green Day:I really fucking hate the government, so I dumped my girlfriend.
  • All Time Low:I've lost track of how many girlfriends I've had in the past year, also I'm covered in bras for some reason.
  • Real Friends:My girlfriend didn't appreciate my sleepy eyes and bony knees, so she dumped me.
  • Saves The Day:I wrote a 600 word essay on why I can't get a girlfriend.
  • Say Anything:I wrote a 1200 word essay on why I can't get a girlfriend.
  • Brand New:I wrote my masters thesis on why I miss my girlfriend and can never get over her.
  • Yellowcard:My girlfriend gave me PTSD.
  • Joyce Manor:My girlfriend left me because I didn't last that long in bed.
  • Tigers Jaw:Man, fuck having a girlfriend, what's the point?
  • Sum 41:I act as if I don't want a girlfriend, but I'm secretly very lonely and dislike being single.
  • The Wonder Years:I don't have a girlfriend, but I really hate my town.
  • A Day To Remember:I hate my girlfriend AND my town.
  • Blink-182:I fucked ur girlfriend in the ass, lol.

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