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All Wilderness Search and Rescue Personnel will push the limits “That Others May Live.” Respect their dedication and sacrifice by taking every effort to prevent an emergency before it happens.

In today’s article, we’ll examine what the average hiker/camper/outdoor enthusiast can do to increase their chances of being found by examining how Wilderness Search and Rescue Personnel approach the missing person incident.

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This Hultafors classic trekking Axe was recently sent to me by a member of a UK SAR team in order to have a new kydex sheath made up and to re sharpen . 

Smaller yet heavier than my normal Gransfors SFA  its always nice to check out other makes of tool , The sheath will follow shortly and you can see Ive convexed and polished up the edge .

Staff Sergeant of the US Army and his partner take a short break near Chinook Kennels, New Hampshire. Chinook Kennels supplied huskies to serve as sled-dogs for the Navy and as part of search-and-rescue teams for the Army. According to one article I found on the internet, they also were owned by a dog-race-traitor. Which I guess might matter to some people.

(National Museum of Health and Medicine’s Flickr)

My Land Rover won’t start……………

Ops Core FAST base helmet with CyFlect markers from ru-titley-knives

TAD gear Stealth LT and Force 10 AC combats, also with Custom Cyflect markers made by ru-titley-knives

Hill people Gear UTE pack and pals pocket.

The CyFlect markers I have been using and helping Ru to develop have now become a real key element in my kit. They are also now regularly used not just by self but many members of SAR, not just within my team but in other teams also.

I wouldn’t be without them.

Stay safe



The Pocket Essential:

In the past we have produced packs for tinder to offer a general method of lighting fire and its proved exceptionally popular. As we continue to strive towards other new products this sort of accidentally came about. The recent rains on the island have left most of us, including our gear soaking wet. When it came to getting a fire lit, even the drybag had some elements of water inside. The high wind and rain had managed to creep into everything.

Back at HQ, we knew that others must have the same situation on occasion, and even a dunking in a glacial river or stream happens from time to time and on those occasions you need a fire, and fast.

The vacuum pack keeps out water, while the addition of an alcohol based wipe promotes an easy method of lighting to the supplied Tindertabs. All contained in a fully weather resistant package to offer you the best start in case you ever need it. Sold as a ready solution, its one of the items that you can throw in your pocket heading out, or your Bergen and light with a simple spark if required.

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