what she says: im fine
what she means: sandor clegane’s character was so wasted in the game of thrones TV series. He was treated like a big ugly stupid killing machine with no personal hygiene when in reality he is a very smart, intelligent, and CLEAN (combs his hair, dresses fashionably) man who has a mental illness because of past child hood trauma which leads him to be a brutal killer and a bitter person and basically what I’m saying is, his character is so complex and beautiful. His relationship with Sansa is complicated and wonderful and could have been explored even more on screen. but he was slotted into a hyper masculine stereo type and im still sour about it


The northern girl. Winterfell’s daughter.

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The Three Daughters of Jon and Sansa

The three daughters of Lady Sansa and Lord Jon – also known as the Fates – broke the boundaries and were essential to the development of a renewed and broken Westeros. While such a legacy is unsurprising with the family they were born into. Their own mother was known as a Mother to the nations and a bringer of peace and their father was a living legend. This is not considering her aunts and uncles. King Bran the Divine, Commander Arya Stark the Bold and of course Daenerys Targaryen, the Breaker of Chains. 

The eldest Isra, also known as Isra the Conqueror and Isra the Wandering Wolf, took after her paternal great aunt and ancestor Aegon the Conqueror himself. However, beyond her conquests, she discovered many formally unknown lands and travelled the seas and lands of places avoided. She is the reason that we have most of the World Map as it is today. 

However, her sudden leave meant that The King of the North had no heir (his own son and heir having died), the crown would, therefore, be passed down to Largertha, known as Dark Heart. It was said by many that she knew the ways of magic and could communicate with the dead. She is the first woman to have held the North solely by her own right. She faced much opposition due to her gender and unusual accession. Her enemies dubbed her as a witch but instead of opposing these rumours, she openly accepted it. This tactic led to many of her enemies being weary of her. This alongside her numerous victories and her apparent lack of mercy made her name synonymous with magic, the supernatural and treachery. 

The last and youngest child Alvatia the Beloved was adored by all. She is the one described to take most after her mother in appearance and temperament. Unlike her sisters, she was not involved in battles or conquest but rather remained a part of the people. She was considered one of the best healers to ever exist, even surpassing her own mother. She was integral to the development of medicine. However, it is her relationship and love for animals that she is most well-known and loved for. It is said that wherever she went, packs of animals followed. The stories that she tamed and befriend the brown bear, one of the most dangerous animals that one could encounter, in her girlhood. Stories and songs of her healing powers and the animals that loved her were spread far and wide and were known by all.

Fanfic Appreciation:

A Winter’s Tale by @justadram

They say he is Targaryen, but the world goes silent around her as she stands here on the edge of the field, and she knows him for what he is. Solemn, lean, strong, dark haired, and grey eyed, Jon is unquestionably a Stark, more so than herself with her Tully red hair and blue eyes. The crowd parts for him as if he is a sword slicing through water, as he strides towards her, and she no longer feels the bite of winter, throwing back her hood so that she might see him better.  He is bloody. Bloody but seemingly unharmed, she thinks, as he comes closer, for there is no catch in his step, no slump to his shoulders.

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I was just thinking about my changing feelings for Jonsa and what I want from them romantic or not and just my heart right now. I want them to be more that Ned and Cat 2.0 because they deserve to be more than reminders and relics of ghost.

I want them to feel a shift in the room once the other enters.

I want their relationship to be strange and explosive and full of hidden glances that tell everything and nothing all at once. I want them to be able to communicate without saying a word. I want it to be changing and developing and something that never settles or is stagnant.

But more than that I want it to be spiritual. I want for them to be two souls or hearts that you would never expect to connect, connecting. While I would love for it to be romantic in canon I don’t really mind or care of it isn’t if it’s done right. Romantic love isn’t the be all or end all and what I want for Jonsa is more than that. I want transcendence for these two, I want depth.

Jon had to stop by the Stark’s to grab a few things before dinner.  He was surprised to find the normally noisy house quiet, despite the cars belonging to Sansa, Arya and Catelynn all parked in the driveway.  

“You guys?” he called out, walking down the carpeted hallway.  

He thought he heard some sounds coming from Catelynn’s office, so he opened the door.

“Hey—” he began, but stopped dead in his tracks.  

Sansa was standing in the middle of the room, wearing a wedding dress.  They’d pinned up her hair, but a few curls were escaping.  The top of the dress was in the shape of a heart, and it framed her figure perfectly.  He didn’t know what the material was called, but it shimmered in the afternoon sunlight.  She looked liked she’d stepped out of a dream.  Their eyes met for just a moment. Jon thought he could stare at her forever, and he would have, until Catelynn started to scream.  


Jon wasn’t sure what happened next, because Arya began to hit him around the head and shoulders and started pushing him.  He was quickly back out in the hallway, alone.  He collected himself and began to head out, but a smile broke across his face.

That’s my bride.

Ok so it always annoys me when people think Jon hates Sansa or is written that way. Jon thinks of Sansa rarely but when he does he moons about how radiant she is. Uses her advise to talk to a girl. Thinks about how she would find the Wall pretty. And remembers her singing with fondness. He’s the only character that comes to mind that likes her singing.

I’m not saying that they were close or anything but his tone has always been respectful and he has thought of her with fondness. He didn’t think ‘stupid Sansa with her stupid songs’. He thought Sansa my sis has some pretty rad musical skills. One of his favourite memories of her is her singing and brushing Lady’s fur.

Please stop doing this thing where Jon repeats or thinks the same rhetoric as Sansa’s abusers. I’ve seen this thing where people apply other characters thoughts of Sansa onto Jon and it needs to stop. There is literally no canon basis that Jon ever hated or found Sansa annoying or stupid. There is nothing to support the claim that Jon hated Sansa’s songs. The same could be said for Sansa. Neither of them hated each other.

Not only does it cause us to fall into the same trap in thinking that Sansa’s is a stupid little girl. Its just not something Jon would do.

Were they distant? Yes.

Was Sansa haughty at times? Yes?

Would they be awkward af around each other when they next meet? Hell yeah.

However, just because these statements are true does not mean that they ever hated the other. They didn’t.