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Jon x Sansa soulmates AU. (And congrats for the followers!! <3)

Set in the same universe as the film Timer.

“Jon! What did you do?!?” Sansa stares in shock at the white bandage wrapped over Jon’s wrist. 

Right where his Timer ought to be.

“I did it for us.”

Sansa wants to cry. It’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for her but it doesn’t change anything. Not really. Somewhere out there, Jon’s soulmate is walking around.

Probably terrified by her newly erased Timer.

Guilt courses through Sansa as she thinks of all the miserable years she’s spent worrying and wondering over her blank Timer.

And now I’ve done the same to some poor girl, all because I’m selfish and wished to have Jon to myself.

“We can’t,” Sansa insists, tears welling in her eyes. “I’m not your one. We’re not meant to–”

Jon steps forward and cups her face in his hands.

“Do you love me?”

Jon is not hers to love and yet Sansa cannot lie. Not about this.


Jon smiles and leans to rest his forehead against hers, his eyes closed.

“Than that’s all that matters.”

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The northern girl. Winterfell’s daughter.

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