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Hi Cris! Alex & Sierra who won US Xfactor came onto my Spotify shuffle. I saw that they released 'As seen on TV' (covers that they sang on XF) in sept as a follow up to their 2013 Columbia/Simco release. This new one is (P) The A&S partnership. So it's a self release? Which would mean they'd be dropped by Columbia/Simco? Sorry for the off topic, I was just surprised they could release something 'directly' related to XF without SC having his hands on it. Thank you!

They were recently dropped by Syco and Columbia, so my guess is that they re-recorded the songs they did on TXF which they wouldn’t need permission from Syco to record, they’d just need to go through regular licensing channels.

Their Reddit AMA from two weeks ago about being dropped is interesting:

Prior to being on the show, we had never written music together, so we also stumbled our way through putting an album out. We were signed to Columbia Records and Syco Records, had an army of people telling us what to do, had huge photo shoots, music videos, we played the Today Show, Radio City, went on two tours with Colbie Caillat, Andy Grammer & Rachel Platten…. and then no one talked to us for 3+ months. 

We found out we were dropped through a text message to someone we had just met who had a friend at one of the labels. So we got dropped by our labels, agency, lost our publishing deal, and our manager all at once. After having some significant, not mind blowing but significant, success. We spent some time thinking and now we have new management that rule, but we’re doing everything else independently now. We just released an EP to get music out while we work on a full length.

Simon’s loyalty to artists never ceases to amaze and inspire.


20161020 - Chansung photoshoot for Designer Lie Sang Bong

***Wow…. Chansung work for Mr Lie Sang Bong again. If this is the latest pictures, that mean Chansung back to black hair.


***Maybe can see Chansung catwalk again for Mr Lie Sang Bong?? like photo below in year 2014.


[Chi Sub/Eng(CC)] 이번주아내가바람을핍니다 This Week My Wife is Having an Affair drama preview
(cr. Song Ji Hyo Baidu Bar)

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When your boyfriend is musically inclined so he often sends recordings of himself playing acoustic covers of songs and singing to you and normally he chooses songs that are somehow relevant to your relationship or profess his love for you, but tonight he sends a cover of Passenger’s “Let Her Go” and so you’re like… “…Wait. What?”

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the signs as cute jisoo moments

Aries: when he kept giggling and trying to shove more food in jeonghan’s face during battle likes

Taurus: you would not believe your eyes
if ten million fireflies-
…fell asleep”

Gemini: when vocal unit forgot he was in their unit and he walked into the room and played sad guitar

Cancer: when he sang happy birthday to seungcheol while clapping like an excited lil pumpkin

Leo: when he had to make a heart w/ mingyu but mingyu was too tall so he had to stand on his tiptoes to reach him

Virgo: (during the asia tour, pretending to shoot a shampoo cf)
dk: “joshua, you do the same pose every time…”
josh: *poses* “shampoo.” *new pose* “shampoo. *new pose* “shAMPOO


Scorpio: pretty u part switch when he booped everyone on the shoulder

Sagittarius: ‘i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america-’ 

Capricorn: when svt got their first win and did a vlive after and jisoo was tryin rlly hard not to cry but u could hear him getting choked up and it was rlly precious

Aquarius: ‘yo, i’m in manila, right now. my favourite ice cream? vanilla.’

Pisces: when he babysat and hand-fed chan during the healing mv