Things Confirmed in Mindful Education

New Song: Here Comes A Thought

New Character: Jeff

New Fusion: Holo-Pearl Fusion

New Location: Garnets/ Stevonnie’s mindscape

  • Steven owns a bald cap
  • Connie and Steven do fusion training
  • Garnet made a fusion sign
  • Holo-Pearls can fuse
  • Stevonnie can use Stevens floating powers
  • Connie accidentally beat up Jeff at school
  • Connies training instincts kick in when shes startled 
  • If a fusion has inbalance, they begin to lose touch with reality 
  • Steven and Connie are experiencing inbalance 
  • Fusions have the power to go into each others minds 
  • Here comes a thought was guest animated 
  • Glowing white butterflies and symbolic 
  • Stevonnie has gotten 2 outfits 
  • This is the first time Stevonnie has sang
  • Connie has sort-of met Ruby and Sapphire
  • Connie and Jeff have now formally met
  • Jeff wants to learn some sword fighting moves
  • Holo-Pearls can use axes 
  • Steven still feels guilty about Bismuth, Jasper, The Rubies, and Rose
  • The Cloud Arena is located around a mountain range 

A new version of the ending theme was during the credits
Local memories of Gavin DeGraw, Andy Grammer and Aaron Tveit
We asked readers to share their memories of Gavin DeGraw, Andy Grammer and Aaron Tveit. Here are some of their memories:

I have known and been friends with Aaron Tveit since we were 5 years old. We sang in chorus and played in band together, and spent countless hours riding our bikes and rollerblades, and playing “scramball” with our very close group of friends. Of all the great memories I have of the fun we had growing up together, I am fondest of and recall one as being most ironic. As part of the Jason 8 science project that we were apart of in 8th grade, our cluster (The Green Gators) at Twin Towers Middle School, took a field trip every month. We visited the Vanderbilt and Roosevelt Mansions in Hyde Park. While on the tour at the Roosevelt Mansion, we visited the graves of FDR and Eleanor (and Falla the scottie). Aaron jumped in front of my camera and said “Quick Steph take my picture!” I asked why he wanted a picture in front of FDR’s grave. He said “This is the closest I’ll ever get to a famous person!” I still have that picture, and reminded him of it last time I saw him. I am so proud him every day. He has worked so hard for all he has accomplished, and happy that we when see each other, no matter how much time goes by, he is “just Aaron”! - Stephanie Benson

I went to High School with Aaron and we has several classes together, specifically Academy of Finance. We had just landed at Albany Airport from a trip to Orlando with our Academy. It was about 2am and most of us were taking the day off from school the next day, however, our director came up to Aaron and I and asked us to report to the Advisory Board the next morning before school (7:30am). Aaron and I both looked at each other and laughed. The next morning, on a few hours of sleep, we gave a fantastic presentation of our trip. From then on I knew Aaron was a dedicated and ambitious person and friend. - Jennifer Casillas

+ Memories without direct interaction under cut:

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anonymous asked:

u should do a fic of the reader cleaning the house and calvin coming back while theyre dusting and him being all confused cause "people actually fucking dust" and i dont know just really fluffy stuff

Hey! Thanks for the request :p this one is relatively short bc I really didn’t know what storyline or whatever to go with, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! :) X


The vacuum roared unpleasantly as you ran it across the floors and followed it with your eyes - watching the machine suck up dust and crumbs on the floor was weirdly satisfying.
The house was in dire need of a clean and due to it being a Sunday, you decided that you may as well take advantage of time that you would otherwise be wasting anyway.
Calvin was out running errands and had been for the past few hours while you tidied up each room of the house in turn and stood back to admire your work after.

You softly sang along to music as you stood on your tiptoes to reach a shelf that was a little too tall for you when you thought you heard the door open.
Pausing to listen, you concluded that it was nothing and resumed dusting until you felt familiar arms wrap around your waist and gently lift you off the ground so you could reach the shelf.

You dusted the surface and then wrapped your arms around Calvin’s neck before securing your legs around his waist.
One of his hands rested on the small of your back while the other squeezed your bum and his lips met yours.

‘Whatcha doin’?’ He said quietly, his dark eyes meeting yours.
‘Housework,’ you said, tracing your thumb along his bottom lip.
He raised an eyebrow.
'Dusting. This place is a pigsty,’ you said with a small smile, and an incredulous grin crossed his face, ’Dusting? People actually fucking dust?

A smile tugged at your lips and you began to laugh at the disbelief on his face before pinching his cheek gently.
You let your legs fall down and when your socked feet hit the floor you sighed, suddenly fatigued from all the running about you had been doing.

You let yourself lean against Calvin for a moment, closing your eyes to enjoy the warm comfort he brought from just being there next to you.

'Tired, babe?’ He asked gently, his thumb tracing an invisible line on your cheekbone.
You nodded, and he shrugged his jacket off and left it on a chair behind you.
'Hey, I just tidied-,’ you began to complain at his untidiness but before you could, his arms snaked around you and he picked you up off the floor, a smirk decorating his features as you began to giggle.
'What are you doing?’ You laughed as he took you into the lounge and laid on the sofa with you still in his arms.

You rested your head on his chest and sighed as he began to hum quietly, the noise simple and soothing. His hand found yours and he began to trace patterns on your palm and play with your fingers, his touch feathery.

When you glanced upwards his eyes were closed and you pressed a gentle kiss to his lips before settling back down in his arms.

Hope it was what you wanted! Feedback is much appreciated X

Stay safe babies and I luv u!! 💗 X