So I tried painting this using my finger and phone. Needless to say it took forever especially as a first attempt at doing something like this. In the end, I needed to just walk away from it. How do you guys digital art??? I have no clue. An attempt was made at least. Hopefully doing this helps if I do any future digital art. Anyway, this is the final product!! Be kind to yourselves!!! I’ll tag @thatsthat24 because the time spent on this made me really want to give you a blanket and say go to bed. I’ll also tag @pansexualroman @pattonpending @prinanalogicality @vortexart and @darkness-anon because they’re awesome!!

Reasons To Smile

-Thomas Sanders’ smile

-Thomas’s laugh

-Thomas exists


-Lin-Manuel Miranda exists

-Hamilton exists

-Be More Chill exists

-Heathers exists

-Dear Evan Hansen exists

-Terrence’s singing voice (Thomas’s friend)

-Terrence in general


-Daveed Diggs

-Anthony Ramos

-Phillipa Zoo (Pippa)

-Jonathan Groff

-The original cast of Hamilton

-Ben Platt

-Meant To Be Yours exists

-YouTube exists

The List

Part Two  The Angst

(but let be real I’m not great at angst so its realy closer to hurt/comfort)

Warnings: brief swearing, breif blood mention. (very little-tiny- anx was over reacting when he got out the first aid kit really) i think thats it but if you need something tagged please let me know. 

The Poem includeed is by Emily Dickinson 

read  part one 

Patton sat on the couch, chewing his thumbnail. A nasty habit he knew, Anxiety had already swatted his hand away twice, casting worried looks at him.

“Anxiety can I ask you a personal question?” He quickly realized his mistake as Anxiety look at him wide-eyed. “Do you  ever feel hopeless?”

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