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The first time Nishinoya asked him out, Asahi’s insecurity made him question why somebody so optimistic would want somebody like him. Nishinoya decided to take this opportunity to help Asahi understand his reasons before he made his second attempt.

Asahi kept finding new notes long after they started dating and kept every single one as a reminder.

Me, while watching Haikyuu!!: *gasps* *screams* *squeals* *swears* *shouts* *freaks out* *cries*

Family: “what is it? What are you watching?”


Family: “…”

Family: “why did we even ask?”

YOI help - Commentators

I didn’t realize this was a thing, but I keep running into this detail in fanfiction, so I’m making this post to clear up some misconceptions.

Apparently a lot of people think that skaters can hear the commentators. Which is understandable, because Yuri!!! on ICE does this really cool thing where it subtly breaks the fourth wall. Director Yamamoto directs the moments a skater is on the ice in a way so that it’s as if we are watching a TV broadcast. To put it simply, we are watching the same TV Asahi broadcast that in-series viewers would be watching. This allows Yamamoto to naturally include commentary without having a character explain everything in their head.

As TV watchers, we hear the commentators covering the event, but in the actual venue, all you hear during a program is the music, cheers, and perhaps the sound of blades if you’re close enough to the ice.

What I think a lot of people don’t realize is that the commentators have their own box/row with headsets, and report live (although sometimes TV stations will cover an event later). There are something like 6 different languages that normally cover events (more when it’s a big event like the GPF or Worlds), and 8 or 9 channels (more for big events). Usually a TV station has 2-3 commentators at their booth. If all those commentators were heard in the arena, it would be way too much noise and the skater wouldn’t be able to hear their music. There’s no “main commentator” that provides a script for the other commentators to translate into their own languages. In fact, some fans like to watch various commentaries because 1. different commentators will point out different details, and 2. some countries’ commentators are known for being particularly rude/salty, so fans want to hear less-caustic commentary.
The bottom line is, even one commentator channel would be too noisy as they gush about a step sequence or jump execution.

What you DO hear over the speakers are the announcers who do the “call to start” (“On the ice, representing Japan, Yuri Katsuki”), present them for bows (“For Japan, Yuri Katsuki”) ask for the judges’ scores (“The scores, please”), present the scores (“The Short Program score for Yuri Katsuki is… ___.__points. He is currently in __ place.”), and other miscellaneous things like announcing when the 6 minute warm-up ends and presenting the skaters during the medal ceremony. They do it in the host country’s official language, and almost always repeat it in English.

To give an idea of how many languages and TV stations there are, off the top of my head:

TV Asahi, NHK, and Fuji TV are the Japanese channels (they hold rights for different competitions, so you won’t find all 3 covering the same competition)

  • Taihei Katou (the seiyuu for YOI’s Hisashi Morooka) commentates for TV Asahi
  • Nobunari Oda commentates for NHK and I believe TV Asahi too
  • Daisuke Takahashi started commentating this 2016/17 season for Fuji TV

You have all the Eurosport commentaries:

  • British
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Russian
  • (and others)

In Russian we have

  • Match Arena (cyrillic APEHA) - which is the go-to for online live-streaming because they cover nearly every event
  • Sportbox
  • Eurosport (as mentioned above)

Raisport is the main Italian channel
Teledeporte is the main Spanish channel

There are a couple of Chinese channels (which are also reliable for online live-streaming)

Just in English you have:

  • British Eurosport (abbreviated as B.Euro) I mentioned above
  • CBC (Canada),
  • NBC/NBCSports (U.S.A.),
  • Universal (North American commentators),
  • The Ice Network (North American commentators)

ISU has an online stream available for countries which don’t have a TV station that bought the broadcasting rights. This is the no-commentary version A.K.A. what you’re actually hearing in the venue.

Many fans will wait for uploaded versions without the commentary because 1.some find the commentary distracting 2.when the camera is close we can often hear what the skaters and coaches say rinkside and in the Kiss&Cry.

You can bet that every Victor and Yuuri fan turns up the volume super high in hopes of hearing any conversations before Yuuri goes to skate, or to hear what’s said at the Kiss&Cry during the replay moments before the scores.

I know there are stations I’m forgetting in this list (Finnish, Korean, Taiwanese, other languages, more stations of the languages above), so don’t take this as a masterpost of all the stations. I’m just making a point that there are A LOT of stations around the world that cover big events, and commentators aren’t being broadcast over the speakers into the arena. Fans in the venue can enjoy the programs without being able to tell the difference between jumps - it’s a performance sport after all.

On a related note, this is also why you’ll have moments where Minako is trying to confirm what Yuuri did in a program ( “was that a Flip just now?”). So if anyone had wondered about that comment in episode 7 before, now you know - it’s because Minako is at the venue where commentators aren’t heard, and we the anime viewers are watching TV Asahi’s broadcast.

Haikyuu!! Characters when they Lose their Kids in the Store
  • Hinata: Freaks out and runs around the store screaming their name and stopping everyone to ask if they've seen his baby.
  • Kageyama: Panics if he doesn't see his kid in five seconds. Wanders around the store until an employee asks if he needs help and he mumbles that he lost his kid.
  • Suga: Waits at their designated meeting spot with some ice cream.
  • Daichi: Heads to the toy aisle and finds his kid staring at a huge teddy bear. He buys it for them.
  • Tsukishima: Finds his kid in the dinosaur aisle.
  • Yamaguchi: Arrives at the front desk at the same time as his kid.
  • Asahi: Becomes very worried, and shyly approaches an employee to ask for help.
  • Nishinoya: Loudly shouts his kid's name. The kid yells back from across the store.
  • Kuroo: Tries to remain calm, and walks quickly down every single aisle until he finds them.
  • Kenma: Gets himself lost and his kid goes to the front to call his name on the speakers.
  • Lev: Finds them pretty quickly cause he's tall.
  • Morisuke: Buys a box of cookies and sees his kid come barreling down the aisle.
  • Oikawa: Freaks out and calls Iwa-chan because "his beautiful angel" is missing.
  • Iwaizumi: Buckles his kid into the shopping cart so the kid wont get lost.
  • Akaashi: Heads to the front desk to ask them to call his kid's name over the speakers.
  • Bokuto: Stands on the counter and yells his kids name until an employee asks him to get down.
  • Ushijima: Calmly retraces his steps and finds his child standing right where he left them.
seventeen as haikyuu!! characters (pt. 1)

my two worlds collide :)))) this isn’t strictly karasuno, just characters in the story that resemble the boys!

warning: spoilers ahead!! and also… i get a little. .…carried….away

S.Coups as Daichi Sawamura

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MY TWO GRANDPAS I’M SO READY. as kind and fair leaders, daichi and seungcheol are inevitably very, very similar. in daichi’s approach with tobio and hinata when they first joined, coupled seungcheol’s way of uniting the boys to talk about their issues as frequently and fervently as possible, these two are the epitome of father material. daichi is never afraid to be vocal with the team on and off the court, and naturally is the voice of the entire team when needed. for seungcheol, despite being the youngest member in his family, was promised to debut with multiple groups time and time again, until finally he was put on hold with the rest of the seventeen boys. what this did was allow him to practice his patience and growth as a person, but as well, grow familiar and as an older brother figure for the boys as years went on. maturity aside, both of these boys are easily excitable and love it when their members are having a great time. with their relationship from their same age friends (suga and asahi, jeonghan and jisoo) to the younger guys on the team, they are an amicable sidekick and company to be around, and although they need to be serious on and off the court/camera for the sake of professionalism and victory, these two “old men” are two very dorky and clumsy guys at heart.

Jeonghan as Koshi Sugawara

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THEY’RE ANGELS AND THEY FUCKING KNOW IT. but don’t be fooled. jeonghan can tend to be a little shit disturber at times cheeky at times (cheating, cheating, and more cheating) and suga sometimes does enjoy joining in on the banter with the second years, thus making them the most innocent (“wait, who me?” puppy eyes) older brothers out there. but with that aside, both are extremely caring towards the rest of the team and are undoubtedly the mother figures. sugawara, being assistant captain, knows each and every one of his teammates’ strengths and weakness, and always, always, has a sense of calm and patience, slowing the game down to his pace. despite losing his starting position to tobio when he came, he never once had a harsh attitude towards him and instead, cheered him on and did his part when he needed to step in. jeonghan is by far, the biggest mom figure in seventeen, and is extremely affectionate with everyone in the group. kind and attentive, he loves to compliment and tease his members “dino nugu aegi” and is enthusiastic in all their projects. he never seems to complain and be in a genuinely bad mood, like, ever. both are extremely reliable and have a bond with all of their members, making them both the soft, angelic, yet fun-loving members of the group. 

Joshua as Asahi Azumane

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i put 95-line as the third years do you hear me sob bi ng ASAHI AND JISOO ARE BOTH SO SOFT, SOFT, SOFT, and are the kings of humility. jisoo is seriously the nicest, most soft-spoken, and easygoing person ever. he will never go out of his way to seriously boast about something nor will he claim a title as his own. we all know he’s a mama’s boy and an extremely soft person, resembling a kitten, almost. he loves to embrace his members and his bond with the 95-line is so, so precious. however, on stage, his demeanour is extremely different. he works so hard with his music and has such a determination to make sure everything is perfect, namely being the one to arrange all the acoustic versions of their songs, and making sure to monitor himself extremely closely after every recording. he works hard on his craft and does his best to benefit the team around him, being the master of humility and is undoubtedly in love with love itself. asahi, on the other hand, and a clear difference between the two, looks extremely different from how he is on the inside. being mistaken for a convict, or a third-year that had to repeat school a couple times, or a gangster, he’s 180 degrees different from his appearnce. like jisoo, he cares extremely how he is on the court and makes sure to do his absolute best to benefit his team. being the ace, he never really claimed that title as his and has a hard time believing in his abilities until the near end. he’s so precious to the team, and with his “glass heart”, he’s literally a child that needs to be protected at ALL TIME. these two are extremely soft and kind, knowing no limits to hard work and dedication at their craft to make sure their team comes out on top. 

Jun as Toru Oikawa 

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pROFESSIONAL PANTY DROPPERS. literally the two biggest shits on the face of the earth. jun was the first person i matched a character with because i had no freaking doubt in my head that he was going to be oikawa. toru is damn fucking good at volleyball–and he knows it. he knows that he’s the grand king and isn’t afraid to walk around like it, even off the court. besides from being a cocky ass little shit though (jks i love my king), he’s such a good captain and is also the king of POSITIVITY. even if he makes a bad set or misplaces a serve, he has no doubt in knowing the next play will be different. you know who else is the king of positivity? WEN JUNHUI. WEN. JUN. HUI. during one fine day, when they were literally all quarantined in an island away from home and forced to give up their personal belongings for a period of time, he was such a trooper and a cheerleader for the rest of the trip there. he never failed in complimenting mingyu and his skills (literally when asked to pick 3 things to bring with him to a deserted island, he chose mingyu, mingyu, and mingyu), always helped out in various things like cooking, making freaking sashimi, starting the fire, and cleaning. but on stage.… BOI. he’s legit a sex machine. like not fucking kidding. he’s fucking hot and he knows it. in 17 project, one of the things the mentor told him was to work on his facial expressions, and this boy fucking did. the way he bites his lips, the way he droops his eyes, the way he walks on stage, his poise and confidence is so prevalent and is, without a doubt, a visual to be reckoned with. with oikawa, despite being one of the best u-18 setters in the country, arguably the best in his prefecture, and having the pressure that comes with it, he carries himself with such poise and confidence knowing that he fully has the ability to help his team and make them amazing. these two are confident, positive, and work extremely hard at what they do to better everyone that is relying on them and are undoubtedly panty wetters havE U SEEN OIKAWA WITH GLASSES IM DECEASED. 

Hoshi as Yu Nishinoya

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NOYA M Y LOVE I LOVE YOU OSM U HC my svt bias wrecker and my haikyuu bias why do i do this to myself ffs. out of all of these matches, i think this one is the most spot-on, personality wise. noya is such a FREAKING FIRECRACKER, and is literally the second loudest character on this entire show despite having such tight competition whaddup bokuto, tanaka. he loves volleyball so. much. i’m literally not surprised if this kid sleeps with his uniform still on. but with that being said, as much as he loves it, his bond and love for his members are unparalleled. in the beginning, he refused to come back as libero if asahi wasn’t going to return, but eventually found himself too connected with volleyball to not be on the team. in every practice, he’s always testing out his moves and giving it nICKNAMES LIEK GFDIJ I LVOE YOU like fucking “ROLLING THUNDER!!!” like what even?? him, tanaka, and hinata love riling shit up and having a good time with what they do. so with soonyoung, you can tell that dance is his entire life. he said one time that he doesn’t know what his life would be without dance. soonyoung legit ALWAYS HAS ENERGY, like the members literally wake him up with “fighting!”. these characters are both extremely boisterous and friendly. noya made extremely quick friends with hinata and still initiates conversations with tsuki and tobio regardless if they’re interested or not. soonyoung, on the other hand as well, LOVES HIS UNIT SO MUCH MY HEART. on one fine day, bc minghao was sick and couldn’t really leave the house, hoshi would find things for him to do like help him peel stuff for dinner or bring him bites of the food they were making outside. chan looks up to him legit like an older brother and him and jun are the same age, making them have a brotherly, best friend-type bond. but with that being said, the second both characters step on their respective stages, everything changes. noya is such a beast, always looking to better his game as a libero, like when he figured out how to set from behind the line, or when he did the thING YOU KNOW THE THING AGAINST SHIRATORIZAWA WHEN USHIJIMA DID THE THING AND THEN NOYA DID THE THING BACK AND THEN HE DID THE THING AGAIN YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKIGN ABOUT and his entire team legitimately depends on him for receiving some of the best players in the entire country’s spikes and he never fails to back them up. with hoshi, he brings a different dynamic to the group. he choreographs everything and admits to making the most mistakes during practice because he has everyone’s dance parts in his head tell me that isn’t the purest fucking thing you’ve ever heard in your life. on stage, he’s so fuc kign h ot have you seen his stage at the boys wish concert goodbye!!!! these two have the most boisterous personalities, with abilities to befriend almost everyone. both love a sense of competition and leading the team with their athletic abilities, all the while having a true, true love for what they do. 

i’m getting so fucking carried away i’m not even sorry

Wonwoo as Tobio Kageyama

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if you began to think i was going crazy, you haven’t even seen my final form cus wonwoo’s my svt bias and tobio is my haikyuu bias wrecker good luck reader my two dark hair, dark eyed beauties. rather than having the exact same personality, i think these two resemble each other in appearance, the way they carry themselves and how they are when the begin to open up. tobio has always been good, exceptional even, at volleyball. named “king of the court” before he even got to high school, he always had an immense amount of pressure on him. however, for him and wonwoo, they both get mistaken as being solely and strictly cold-hearted bastards because of their first impressions and the difficulty they have expressing themselves. kageyama was first portrayed as a cocky and hard-to-get-along-with kind of character, always to engulfed in volleyball, but that’s not the case as the series progresses. no, he doesn’t become an extremely boisterous or outgoing character, but he no longer has such a demeanour around him. you can see him visibly wanting to spend more time around his teammates and he loves. the. game. so. much. he looks to make his game the best it can possibly be every single time and all his life, hasn’t really known anything besides volleyball until karasuno came along im SOBBING. with wonwoo, his sharp features and handsome face gives off the vibe of being the cold, scary pretty face that doesn’t really want to be around others, but when seen around his members, and members like hoshi, miNGYU, jun (members that are very opposite of his shy self and can bring him out more), him and his stupid freaking jokes will always be heard. through variety shows and time spent around the boys, we get to see garden fairy wonwoo, seventeen’s main bgm provider wonwoo, and palryongjung middle school dancing machine wonwoo, and we know he isn’t, and never was the cold-hearted boy we was thought out to be. when they get onto their stages, they’re both extremely charismatic and amazing at what they do. hallucination boy wonwoo has an aura around him with his voICE and the way he feels the rhythm as a rapper that makes him so underrated, until he got a solo freaking stage that he definitely deserved. with tobio, everytime he steps on the court, his walls come down and his focus is insane. everyone fears him on the other side and would much rather have him on theirs, knowing full well how capable he is of being one of the best setters in the country. however, these two boys have a history that they both would like to forget. and although it’s tough to talk about it with wonwoo, they made mistakes in the past and were given a reputation that they would both like override. for wonwoo, it was being someone that was wholesome and capable of hate, and tobio was known to be a horrible teammate and captain, eyes set solely for victory and nothing else. but as time went on, upon meeting their members now, they have the urge to become more than what they were and use the people around them as family, bettering themselves each day as both people and at what they do. 

Woozi as Kenma Kozume

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MY LITTLE KITTENS!! ok these two are also extremely similar in both looks and demeanour. while both seemingly uninterested in a lot of things and not wanting to be outrightly the center of attention, they are both extreme geniuses at what they do. kenma legit never loses his cool and doesn’t often voice his opinions. despite being like this though, he very much draws in friends that are complete??? opposite?? of??? him?? like hinata?? they have such a cute bond shoot me like as quiet, reserved, and uninterested as he may seem, he’s complimented well with people that are different from him and has an extremely kind heart on the inside. with jihoon, he doesn’t seem to care a lot abt stuff cue him beating mingyu up with a guitar cue him plotting cheol’s death everytime he makes him do aegyo but he’s so fucking cute and he DOESN’T EVEN KNOW IT. but when they’re put to work with their craft, these two are the best at it. rather than being an amazing volleyball player, and rather than being an exceptional singer, they have incredible overall sports knowledge and musicianship respectively. kenma has amazing volleyball iq and sense of the game that he always knows what he’s supposed to be doing, where he needs to go to receive a ball and how to juggle his play to make the players on his side of the court better, making up for his physique and build. with jihoon, he literally is in charge of seventeen’s success, if you really really think about it. definitely not saying that no one else puts in any work, but jihoon does the most of it when it comes to their title songs and side tracks, putting this immense pressure on him to have to do well and make sure that seventeen succeeds with the songs he writes. 90% of his time is spent in the studio and his hard work has paid off so much. as a musician, he deserves so much praise for his hard work and talent!! like he plays fucking like 52 instruments and can even rap??? like what? stan jihoon guys stan jihoon overall, these two characters, though seemingly bored and tired most of the time, are hardworkers and blend extremely well with their group, all the while being fucking underrated yet TALENTED at what they do. 


the knowledge that nishinoya yuu was a terrified little kid and had the same sort of fears that asahi does now just makes me ship them 1000x times more because noya gets asahi and his anxieties and his fears cuz he had them too and it’s just ;A;

and he still has them i think he just works through it and I

-sobs into my sleeve-

my boys