-A Video Installation Show by Eye and Ear Clinic in MANA Contemporary Chicago from April 18th to May 10th!

Opening: Friday April 18th, 6-10pm, with live performance and artist talk!
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Gregory Bennett
Carla Ganis and Justin Petropoulos
Kurt Hentschläger
Christopher Meerdo
John Monteith
Nicolas Sagan

They are the men—anywhere, at any time—who have looked up at the unanswering heavens, and asked, “What and whence and why are those lights in the sky?”, who have looked down at the unanswering Earth, and asked, “What is this air I breathe that is around the Earth and within it, in its secret caves? What is Earth? And what am I?“
—Edna Kenton, The Book Of Earths (1928)

Like a collector of stars, we found the Great Dipper, Cysnus the Swan, Aquila the Eagle, and many others in the sky. But stars do not constitute themselves into constellations. We have positioned them on our maps, analyzed their effects on Earth, and learned from their movement. For thousands of years, by identifying, framing, and naming the stars, we humans have been trying to insert ourselves into the unknown, making the universe tangible and relational. Their images are framed, drawn, and connected with myths and stories that bind them to our seasons, agriculture, religion, and life.

Just like the stars, ideas and phenomena are broken fragments reconfigured in a constellation, creating the context relative to their being. The act of framing a constellation is a process of meaning-making in which these fragments are transformed from one context to another. A constellation, or what we think is a constellation, is result of a process of constant framing and re-framing the unknown. And yet each frame captured is also a fragile inverted layer of how we see our own images. Re: Constellation is a video installation exhibition in which each artwork sparks its own light into the stories of the stars and humans.

Curated by: Snow Yunxue Fu, Tie Jojima, and Nhung Walsh

Poster designed by Daniel Spanglar


Very insightful talk happened at the SAIC campus that was given by Mimi Plauché, the Programming Director of the Chicago International Film Festival, on the practical aspects of being a filmmaker and involved in the exciting world of Film Festivals, with the wonderful addition of Chris Sullivan and Kevin B. Lee sharing their experience and valuable advices.

Eye and Ear Clinic Presenting Mimi Plauché on:
“What is a Film Festival?”

Tuesday, March 18th, 4:30pm, Neiman Center 1st Floor

Mimi Plauché is Programming Director of the Chicago International Film Festival, the longest-running competitive film festival in North America. She has been at the Festival for eight years and oversees the programming of the annual Festival as well as the organization’s year-round film series. Before joining the Chicago International Film Festival, she was working on a doctorate in Japanese literature and film at the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Michigan. She is the recipient of Fulbright, Japan Foundation, and Social Science Research Council fellowships. Plauché has previously worked in documentary and short subjects programming for Cinema/Chicago and, while living in Japan for 8+ years, she worked for the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival. She has served on juries at a number of film festivals, including the Amazonas Film Festival in Manaus, Brazil. Additionally, she has worked as a programming advisor for several festivals.

Please come and join Eye and Ear Clinic’s last event of the fall semester:

Eye and Ear Clinic presents Nicholas O'Brien on Monday Nov 4th, at 4:30pm, in SAIC Neiman Center first floor!

Nicholas O’Brien is a net-based artist, curator, and writer whose research revolves around the exploration of digital self and the relevance of landscape representation within network culture. His work has appeared internationally in Mexico, Berlin, London, Dublin, Italy, and throughout the US. He has also been featured several publications including ARTINFO, Art Fag City, Dazed Digital, ilikethisart, Frieze d/e, the Brooklyn Rail, the New York Times, and Rhizome. This past year he has premiered a new collaborative work at the Baryshnikov Art Center in New York and a curatorial project mounted at the Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam. He currently is teaching at acting as gallery coordinator for the Department of Digital Art at Pratt Institute.

Through looking at several examples of contemporary video games, 3D animation, and experimental net-based art, O'Brien will explore the ways in which digital practices are beginning to exhibit more signs of contemplative and Romantic behavior.

Next Monday! Oct 28th, 4:30pm at MacLean 1307.

We are screening a part of his feature length films Pulchrior in Luceand at Eye and Ear Clinic in MacLean 1307 at 4:30pm Monday Oct 28th. How exciting!

For those of you who are interested in video installation, we will also have discussion on his video installation work “Interval Two”. (

See you there!