actually it’s utterly horrifying to me how kanye west has been repeatedly violently misogynistic, has proven to be a rape apologist, has sexualized his infant daughter, has mocked and humiliated past women in his life a million times over with endlessly vile and sexist language––and it’s been met by people at large with an apathetic shrug. a “boys will be boys” type of response. the reaction has undoubtedly been a sort of “that’s just kanye and he’s crazy these days haha.” but taylor swift deserves the vicious insidious misogyny she gets because she’s not as good of a feminist as you want her to be? 

misogyny is still misogyny even if you don’t think the victim is a good person. it’s still violent, it’s still a sign of a bigger problem, it still shows how little kanye values the women in his life in any capacity and i’m tired of seeing people who should know better than this willingly continuing this witch hunt.

“taylor swift is playing the victim like she always does” like honestly this is ridiculous. she is a victim of kanye’s misogyny, she has always been a victim of his misogyny, since the very moment they became associated with each other. and she is not the only woman involved? what about rihanna, who was depicted naked and unconscious next to her documented abuser? what about amber rose? what about bill cosby’s victims? did they all consent to this? where’s the footage proving this?

where’s the video footage of taylor swift saying, “yes, kanye, i consent to you portraying me practically lifeless and naked in bed with a rapist, i’m a bitch and you made me famous?” that footage doesn’t fucking exist because kanye didn’t ask her permission and because even if he did ask, and she had said no, he would’ve done it anyway. kanye has no respect for women. none. he has proven this so many times and somehow people still remain able to ignore it.

i’m so angry and hurt and frustrated as a survivor of abuse and sexual assault that people can easily push aside what kanye’s done in order to go after taylor swift because of course this bitch got what she deserved for not being intersectional enough.

if you’re celebrating taylor swift being humiliated and violated in front of the world because she’s not a good enough feminist, but you don’t care how much kanye west (assuredly a worse feminist than taylor swift) benefits from this situation, you aren’t seeing the big picture, and it’s so frustrating, it’s so sad. ultimately, kanye benefits from people gleefully tearing down taylor swift and ignoring his transgressions, after he’s been a violent and vicious misogynist time and time again, in this situation and countless others. 

and as a survivor it really sickens me that my outrage over someone belittling and dismissing my trauma is going to be overlooked because you think taylor swift finally got what she deserved. 

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[this was my first ever liveshow so it’s very special to me blah blah emotional tie you don’t care]
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September 18, 2012
SLIGHTLY INTOXICATED DAN, he’s so giggly and slurry, “im like a 4 or 5 on the drunk scale” (nah he was a full blown 6), he’d divorce Megan Fox and take her money (ouch), “can you see my underwear?” *literally pulls his shirt up*, taking the mickey(?), young young young, le poke the camera, “i was a four on the drunk scale earlier” “you fell up the stairs”, drunk sexy gangum style
November 24, 2015
this is such an important liveshow
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August 12, 2013 - ft. Phil
Dan’s HUGE D, cat stickers everywhere, Tyra Banks follows them on twitter, A lemongrab hat - unacceptable, inTENTerviews, he starts putting cat stickers on his face, his infamous fell-up-an-escalator scar, Guess the Crime, talks about a Hilary Duff movie where she kissed a pigeon (it was the Lizzie McGuire movie), in the mornings he would watch Brendon Urie vine compilations to get his life inspired 

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CHOO CHOO HERE COMES THE ANGST Okay so we know how Marinette has anxiety right or gets anxious at times. So being the super hero of Paris is nice but it has its downsides. Like for example knowing that there has been people who have died because she wasn't fast enough or people hate Ladybug because she is just a teen girl. It gets so bad that she starts hearing voices in her head and the spots she has on her suit disappear. Chat notices it but when he tries to save his lady it's too late :)

tragedy will be exclusively joked about, because my empathy is bumming me out  | hastag deep, a deadpool mix | 8tracks | spotify

Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op.30 - Prelude Sonnenaufgang - Richard Strauss | Blow - Kesha | A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton | #deep - Bo Burnham |  Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Middler | I Just Had Sex - The Lonely Island (feat. Akon) | Pompeii - Bastille | POWER - Kanye West | Sad - Bo Burnham