The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant.
                                                                                          S5E10 - Vincent and the Doctor

Orange is the new black - The reverse Midas touch (05x10)

He was a very quiet boy, but sometimes, they said, he was a little unstable. And strangely, he did get hurt a lot. I worried, but when I saw him trying to smile, even if he was awkward, the two of us want to protect him. 

Sometimes his eyes are empty, as if his heart isn’t here, and he’s looking far, far off into the distance. How does he see us with those eyes? Will he ever open up to us? Tell us what he wants to do, or wants to have? As if he really was family. Someday… little by little, I know we will…

Touko Fujiwara, Natsume Yuujinchou Go


Episode description of the season 5 finale was a little understated…

Touko and Shigeru are the Best Parents of the Year!!! Or make that Best Parents Anyone Could Have ^^

Natsume is so blessed to have foster parents like them^^ omg this episode made me cry. This is the best episode of this season! I’d felt the previous episodes had lost the emotional impact season 3 and 4 had, and to me it kind of felt like they were trying to re-introduce the show to both old and new fans, and so the episodic episodes felt a bit like the first season (but then again, even season 1 was already overloaded with feels). But then they gave us this episode and OMG FEELS OVERLOAD

And so we talked to our relatives and friends, and then with each other for a long time, and we went to welcome Natsume Takashi. 

I almost cried when Touko went to see Natsume’s then-foster parents. I remember that episode so well because that was one of my favorite episodes!

aaaahhhhh (I am so going to watch that episode again!) It’s fun seeing what happens before Touko came to see Natsume that day^^

He looked a little lonely, but he was a very good boy.

I actually hoped we might see when they went to see him at the hospital later, but I guess they’re not showing that haha. And Touko is just so precious! I love her quirky, dreamy attitude^^ Best Mom! And Touko and Shigeru’s relationship is so wonderful! I want to know what their past is like! Especially after Touko said she “went through worse things in the past”


Touko: See that crow on the branch? It’s my friend! Can you see it?

Takashi: Yes. Oh, there are two there. Look, it’s hard to see through the branches but… Wow. I’ve never seen a white crow before. Is that an albino, perhaps? I’ve never seen it before.

OMG! Takashi-kun! Did you just do what I think you did? Something you swore you wouldn’t want neither Touko nor Shigeru to know! And Sensei knows!! And he could only sigh. 

I see… I’m glad. You’re not alone, are you? I’m sure it’s shining such a beautiful white that it’s hard to see, isn’t it?

And she accepted him! OMG I’m crying of happiness >< She accepted him, even though he saw things she couldn’t see! When everyone else had been shunning him for it! Takashi-kun, you are blessed having Touko-san and Shigeru-san with you and I’m happy for you that you’ve found a place where you can belong. And you should know that they will love you no matter what. 

Best Parents Ever!