3x17 Commentary with Colin O'Donoghue!

Listening to Colin is one of the things that bring me great joy (and frustration) in this world.

“The Iron Knight” - Hook in armor!

Talking about Smee. “Plus he got me a wench, which is good.” Ohh Colin. LOL.

“Anytime you want to, we’ll go for a pint. That’s probably what Henry and Hook are doing right now.” LOL

“Hook really is putting in this season, an aweful lot of effort, with Emma.” He’s adorable, laughing while saying this. And then says he doesn’t understand why he hasn’t just given up. Yeah okay.

Watching Johanna as Ariel and remembering that she’s supposed to be 16. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh.

“That’s a good nasal shot.” LMAO. “That’s a side of yourself that you don’t really see.” O'DORK!

“Nearly broke my foot here…I actually broke the door twice.” LMAO

“Knives, automatically should go into a table, for dramatic effect.” AHHHHHHHHHH

“Oooop, who’s he talking about.” When Hook says that women come and go…Hmmmmmm.

Talking about Hook’s developing PATERNAL relationship with Henry. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Colin liking that you didn’t learn EVERYTHING that happened and that Hook knows in this episode about that missing year.

Colin saying how Hook is still a pirate but he really tries to be as honest with everyone as he can, and I just love how much he understands every side of this character.

Colin and Chris (Smee) would hack at the forest with the sword and the axe between takes and Chris’s was actually plastic and he took a chunk out of it. LOL.

While searching Gold’s shop, “Hook does not want to be here.” LMAO. “I’m gonna look around, but not look around at all.” LOL.

That shot of Colin kicking up sword during the fight with Blackbeard, he only got it that one time so he was happy they caught it, lol.

“Plus you feel like a bit of a badass, when you get to flick up a sword and actually catch it.” PRECIOUS BABY.

Shooting the swashbuckling Blackbeard fight, 6-7 hours of swordfighting….aka COLIN HAS STAMINA

“I just remembered that everytime she hugged him, it’s so uncomfortable, for him…” Because he feels so bad. AWE COLIN!

“I was glad that he killed Blackbeard here…He is a killer…You know that he’s only doing that, to try and make himself forget about Emma…”

Colin “I was delighted.” at getting smacked by Joanna multiple times. LOL.

“I like this scene because you see his vulnerability here. He’s being completely honest here.” Hook apologizing to Ariel.

I love how you can tell when Colin is focused on watching the episode while the other guy is talking because he always just goes…“Mmmhmmmm.” LOL.

“He doesn’t have any magical powers…and only one hand. And an endless supply of, eyeliner.” LMAO

Colin mentioning that Hook wasn’t really sure if Zelena was telling the truth about Ariel and Eric when Emma looks in the mirror. That totally came off that he was nervous about it and it was great.

Colin also talking about how the old Hook would have taken the praise of reuniting them but this Hook really couldn’t.

Talking about Hook being in the scene with The Charmings, but he wants to leave as fast as he can, because he feels so “isolated” from them all now because of the secret. Can Colin just commentary all the episodes please. He really says some great stuff.

Colin mentioning that he was hiding the hook behind his back for Henry’s sake.

“Does she love him, does she not?” Ohh Colin. And how they like that Emma’s a bit confused now, “What’s going on here?” after he was full scale flirty earlier.

Colin is an adorable lil shit, even when you’re only hearing him. LOL.


Deleted scene from The Runaway Bride