Briemund and Gendrya headcanons for s08e01

So according to these new “leaks” from s08e01:

Scene One: show the consequences of the King’s Night attack on Castle Black. Tormund and Gendry flee far away, against the backdrop of Castle black.

Scene Five: In the next frame we are shown how Arya and Brienne are training. 

Scene eight: Tormund and Gendry arrive in Winterfell.

And now I have brand new headcanons about this episode. ^___^

Picture this. Tormund and Gendry walk in on Brienne and Arya  training. Now remember that both men could be presumed dead after the Wall came down and they’re all beaten up, cuts and bruises everywhere. Also both men harvest feeilngs for the two women. 

The Dramatic Version: As Tormund walks into the Winterfell courtyard Arya has her back turned against him but Brienne stops and stares interrupting the training. This time she doesn’t look annoyed, she looks breathless. Arya stops as well, turns, is surprised to see Gendry. She doesn’t exactly fall into his arms, we know how cold Arya has grown by now, but they have a chat, awkward for sure although we can see how much Arya cares. There’s still a caring child inside that killing machine.  Tormund on the other hand stares at Brienne from a distance, his near-death experience visible in his expression, his furs dirty and tattered, his face lean and pale from all the hardships he went through. Brienne doesn’t say a thing but looks horrified and pitiful, we can see it in her eyes. Tormund gives her one last glance. He’s not the cheeky flirty guy anymore; he came this close to dying. Without a word he walks past Brienne as she tries to say something, and fails. This is the first time she wants to talk and he doesn’t.

The Funny Version: as Tormund and Gendry walk into the Winterfell courtyard they see the two women sparring; they both look badass and deadly and sexy, screaming and pounding on each other. With her trademark cat-like moves Arya manages to disarm Brienne (to everyone’s surprise) and throw her to the ground, hovering over her with her feet on Brienne’s sides, or her knee on Brienne’s chest and the tip of her sword on the opponent’s neck. A true catfight. Then the camera zooms out and shows the two men’s faces. Gendry is visibly shocked at Arya’s astounding fighting skills, the last time he saw her she was a little girl. Tormund on the other hand is turned on and smiling from ear to ear, turning to Gendry with one raised brow as if to say: “I think we should leave them to it and join them later, what do you say?”

I believe a brief meeting of the four of them could actually happen. It’s not explicitly mentioned in the leaks but neither was the Briemund scene from s07e01 because it was tiny and light-hearted. This could be the case once more.