MC S05E09

Before I begin this, I have to say that I love the Shandy fandom, I really do!
Now, here it goes.

Before I shipped Shandy, I was a Closer fan. I’ve been here since episode one. I stayed for MC because I loved all of the characters. ALL OF THE CHARACTERS. When Sharon was added I loved her because she pushed the men and then Amy was just fun to watch. The new ensemble is beyond genius and I think historically will be looked upon as one of the best of television. Having said that, I was and still am a fan of the show as a crime drama. So, congrats Det. Mike on a fabulous written show that felt like what MC started out as.

Here is the other thing. I’ve stopped viewing the live chats and reading Duff’s blog post pre-episode. What he spews out at the fans is obviously is the world according to James Duff and he’s continuously on producer mode trying to oversell stuff. I cannot cannot listen to it anymore. It sours the experience of the show. I did however read it after the show and I’m insulted by his comments about insinuating fans wanting Shandy to go at it in the squad room (no, sir. That’s what fan fiction is for). But would it hurt to show them outside the squad room and acting remotely human and like they’re in a relationship??? Mr. Duff, your audience is quite intelligent otherwise they wouldn’t be watching this show.

Back to the writing, I’m glad that the writer went back to showing simple banter between the character in the office while the case was going on. Again, it felt like the earlier episodes and it gave us human emotions without dwelling on it or forcing it.

I thought that Andy’s simple “I sold my house” was very natural, too. I’m sure Sharon knew throughout the day that he had an offer and he was simple interjecting in their busy day the result of the deal. Sharon’s reaction was also natural. I think the way Mary is playing the situation is big in letting us know that despite loving Andy, a second life commitment is not easy at all after being independent for so long.

Overall, I was happy with the episode within the realm of the MC world, but I’m still gonna ship Shandy until the end.