Wednesday 24.05.17 at 5.45pm

Translation by myself (and Google Translate)
Chat : “Olafia clinic” (Sana, Chris, Eva, Vilde, Noora)


Eva: We’re going to Frogner Park* now, who’s with us

Chris: NICE

Vilde: Some Flawless girls are also coming:D:D . Chris ❤ Can you buy drinks?

Eva: Awesome!!

Noora: I’m in

Chris: I don’t have money

Eva: I’ll send you some

Chris: Cool. Send a lot

Sana: Mock exam

Eva: Good luck S
Eva: Get Lea to message those handels** guys

Vilde: You’re so horny Eva😂

Eva: You’re horny

Chris: I’m horny


* Frogner Park is a famous park in West Oslo where people like to party
** Handels is the nickname of an Oslo high school