*looks both ways* *whispering* guess I’ll leave this here.*runs away* There’s a note on top of the drawing.


                Oh well hello @little-noko, I know we never actually talked to each other but I really like your blog and art style. So here’s a HAPPY BIRTHDAY gift. Hope you like it. Also sorry for the quality my camera sucks, and it was my first time drawing both Decay and Paper Crane. So hope you like it, it took me a while actually or I would have given it earlier. Also sorry again and 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for being amazing.

P.S Please notice me. BYE : P  

Aaaaaw, I’m so happy that you like my blog and you did a wonderful job to draw both of my babies ! I’ll do my best to keep being amazing even if I don’t know how I actually do that.

But thank you, for everything ;u;

When you were supposed to write something short and sweet and it gets away from you and totally grows into an AU and you sit there, sweating, because oh fuck I’ve done it again and I’d bet all my money that people are gonna want more because I MYSELF want more, and I have so many projects already oh my god someone S T O P M E-

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dude wtf you're copying me??? I can't believe you right now. I spend all year making memes and the second I post them you seriously rip them and watermark them yourself. This is bullshit and I'm suing you. I can't even begin to tell you how many memes you'll be charged for. You're fucking toast, man. I've already got 4 people for taking my memes without crediting me and now their lives are ruined because they couldn't be original. Seriously, get your own memes and learn how to be original becaus

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I might be genderfluid??? Bc sometimes I feel like a girl and sometimes I don't feel like anything in particular and occasionally I feel like a guy but that's not often and I'm p comfortable being seen as a girl? Idk

I accept you no matter what !!!!

Like all characters, Pharah and Mercy’s personalities are heavily tied into how they play in the game. Pharah is a protector, who views the battlefield from afar. She looks at the bigger picture and aims to protect as many as possible. Mercy is a saviour, on the other hand, and focuses on one person at a time. She comes rushing to their aid and saves people one by one. She focuses on saving people on a personal level. 

Pharah is heavily tied to the concept of justice. Meanwhile, Mercy is obviously tied to, well, mercy. These qualities are heavily linked to one another, and compliment one another. Without mercy, justice can be ruthless and uncaring, as we see Pharah be in her comic. But without justice, mercy becomes enabling, too forgiving of flaws. You could argue that Mercy is more about quick fixes, easing the pain in the moment, whereas Pharah aims to remove the cause of the pain to begin with, more detached from those she saves. This too is informed by how they play, and how we see them depicted in the trailer (both inspiring, but in different ways).

Justice and mercy are dependent on each other. They are both needed in equal measure. In the game, we see that Mercy is most effective when there is a Pharah she can fly away to, stay airborne beside, and reach many more people from such a vantage point. And Pharah, who is so far away from the nitty gritty of battles, yet makes an easy target, is most effective when there is a Mercy not only looking after her and patching her up, but powering her up as well. 

As such, a Pharmercy combo aids both of them in their goals. With a Mercy helping her, Pharah can soar higher, deal more damage to wrongdoers, and stay alive longer so that she may protect more people. With a Pharah helping her, Mercy can escape danger, see the wounded from afar, and expand her reach so that she may save more.

Protecting and saving. Justice and mercy. Pharmercy is not just a combo with great game mechanics, but also a combo for their ideals, purposes, personality. Together they can soar higher and do more in order to protect and save humanity. That is the true strength of this ship, and that is why it is so incredibly real.