This is such a special post because……. IT’S ANDREE’S 19TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YASSSSSSSS SLAYY!!!!!

She asked me to blog for her yesterday because she is having an awesome vacation in a cabin with no wifi, and I told her I would, but I didn’t….. because I was saving it for today! 

Andree is the best roommate and best friend I could ever ask for! Let’s review why. 

1)She has the best style. I always want to borrow her clothes because duh. 

2)She is so gorgeous. Which isn’t great for me but goals amirite. 

3)She is such a hard worker.

4)If Andree is anything, she is determined. 

5)She’s organized! Her side of the room always looks on point. 

6) She is sweet! She never nags me about my messy side. 

7) Her fam is my fam.

8) She’s an animal fanatic, so I can always count on her to appreciate a cute puppy pic. Plus we’re getting an apartment together next year, and I get to cuddle her cute pets.

9) She’s an intelligent woman. 

10) She’s independent

11) She’s hilarious. I’m laughing on the daily

12) She likes all the stupid songs I like. We jam to HSM, Camp Rock, ect constantly.

13) She likes all the amazing songs I like. We jam to Britney Spears constantly.

14) We sing songs from Fairly Odd Parents and Spongebob, too. My shiny teeth and meeee

15) She accepts me for my horrible moodiness…. oops sry

16) She doesn’t get mad at me when I forget to blog!

17) She is so fabulous

18) She loves spa nights just as much as me 


I love you bae. Go enjoy your night.