“Laurel Hester: If you could have anything, what would it be?
What´s your dream?
Stacie Andree: What do you mean? Like, be rich and famous?
Laurel Hester:  No. I mean your big dream. Dream for your life.
Stacie Andree: My big dream is kind of small. A woman I love. Loves me. A house. A dog.
Laurel Hester: Mmm. Me too. House. Yard. Dog. Partner.”

Freeheld (2015) Peter Sollett

anonymous asked:

So supposedly Jonny’s Mom Andree does stufffof his social media and stuff. Which makes sense because she organizes a lot of Jonny’s life. But I still think a lot of his social is kept with the Hawks. Like all of pats twitter is PR and brand stuff. Jon has the same thing basically. People need to understand that player (mostly bigger ones) don’t run their own accounts. As much as you want to believe that. Trust me I wish, but nope mostly teams and their own people do it for them.

Yeah I think the number of players who run their own accounts is suuuuuper small.