i want to fucking drown in a pool of bleach just ugh 

anyway , what about v a p o u r w a v e and The 1975?

also ik this looks unfinished but when I was at the end I had no inspo



A very BIG Announcment!…Another two additions…!

I found out about 4 weeks ago…I was pregnant! Fast-forward six weeks.

I am 10 weeks pregnant today :)

This morning though I was having very strong and sharp pains, So I decided to head to the OBGYN. A close friend of mine, Hollis ( @littlebluebeans ). Offered to come with me which was amazing support!

I found out it was not one..But two! I know two. Its crazy!

I will start pregnancy tags at around 12 weeks, Due to there not being much of a difference in the first trimester!