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it’s okay if you didn’t do all the things you had planned today, it’s okay if you didn’t have time, or if something else came unplanned; even if you just couldn’t or didn’t want to or didn’t have the energy - it’s okay, so please try your best to not be too harsh on yourself: it’s okay to go your own pace

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Fucking if you want to go through the drive thru when its raining that's fine. I don't want you on the lobby I just cleaned anyway. But ROLL YOUR FUCKING WINDOW DOWN FOR GODS FUCKING SAKE. It doesn't fucking work for you to WHISPER and have your window down a fucking INCH. Jesus Christ. Also fucking turn your windshield wipers off god dammit

The places here have a “PLEASE TURN OFF WIPERS” sign and won’t open the drive thru window until you turn them off. I imagine they get yelled at a bit but it’s worth it to stay dry in the freezing store.


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thoughts on jug's anger during the bd party? ive seen people calling them toxic because of that

god, i hate that word. tumblr users toss it around so frivolously. that fight was not toxic, and betty and jughead’s relationship certainly isn’t toxic. they’ve proven, several times, to be quite good for each other– in the way that they help each other grow as individuals and support and protect each other. that said, they’re still flawed human beings. they’re bound to disagree on things and argue, but that doesn’t make them “toxic” 

jughead’s anger in that scene is actually mostly fear. he didn’t want the party, no doubt, but it was about more than that. betty planned him a party, she made him a cake, she’s wearing a sweater with his crown, she invited his dad– i’d be willing to bet nobody has ever showed how much they cared about him so openly before. jughead, in the scene where she’s singing to him, is realizing how in deep he is with her. he lashes out at betty in the garage because he’s subconsciously trying to push her away and save himself from being hurt later on. jughead has been burned by everybody that he has ever loved, so he’s afraid of that happening with her. does that make what he said okay? no. the comment he made about archie was shitty, and it hurt her, but that doesn’t mean jughead is toxic for her. i’d be willing to bet that every person that reads this has snapped at somebody they loved before. does that mean that we’re all toxic people or our loved ones would be better off without us? of course not. you can see the regret on his face as soon as he registers the hurt on her’s, and he immediately goes after her when she walks away. it would have been nice to hear an actual apology from him at pop’s, but he explains to her why he lashed out at her when she was just trying to do something nice for him, and an apology is implied. she goes on to explain why she threw him a party even though, deep down, she must have known that’s not what he would have wanted. she doesn’t actually say the words “I’m sorry,” but it’s implied. sitting down and discussing what made them fight and sharing their vulnerabilities with each other is incredibly healthy and mature. it’s also something we don’t see very often in teen relationships on tv, which made it even more incredible 

this is what i got at the bookstore earlier, btw. “The Steal Like An Artist Journal” (there was also a smaller - as in shorter from top to bottom - book minus the ‘journal’ and the bits i’m about to describe)

So it’s about letting go of the mindset that you must create a completely original thing whenever you work on something new, and instead take inspiration from multiple sources and blend them into a refreshing cocktail of story+art that’s not quite like any one thing that’s been seen before. There’s a great T-chart in the front about the Right and Wrong ways to ‘steal’ content (multiple vs singular sources, honoring vs slandering, researching vs skimming)

The ‘journal’ part is a big chunk of the book with various exercises, from writing to drawing. One thing I really liked is that at the end of the foreword-y area is the sentence “If you don’t like the exercise provided, cross it out and come up with your own prompt.

there’s a few prompts I’m not sure I understand but I think I should just like… go for it to the fullest, regardless, and not get hung up on the details?

i’m really wondering if keith is ever like… going to be called out for some of the questionable shit he’s done in canon.

like, when lance fans actually talk about keith’s flaws, it doesn’t automatically mean we hate him? like yeah he’s a teenager and it’s annoying how people get like super critical of him (imo the way people criticize both keith and lance in the rivalry is ridiculous to me bc it’s teenage boy stuff, but that’s not the point of this post). he doesn’t think things through (s1- fighting zarkon; s2- running away with allura w/o telling the rest of the team), he snaps easily (yelling at pidge in s1), and nearly killing a man (threatening lubos in s2, but even then i dont think he was gonna do it, but still lol). and he’s actually…. never apologized in canon? but you all want to coddle him as much as the narrative does and act like he’s perfect when he’s not and that’s part of the reason that makes him so compelling imo? he’s got his flaws but he’s trying to be better, he’s getting used to having a team/family after so many years of being on his own in order to survive. 

and lance fans do talk about his flaws. i’ve talked about how his treatment towards allura was shifty at best, gross at worst. his jealousy is a problem in interpersonal relationships (with keith), but it never actually interferes with missions. he gets distracted by girls, but you all like to point out nyma as an example when she manipulated him specifically and fooled everyone (aside from hunk), which is the only time it’s ever affected a mission bc every other time it was when he thought nothing bad was happening and they weren’t in danger (lance flirting with the mermaids before being kidnapped by plaxum & the others, the girls at space mall when everyone was chilling) and it wasn’t even his fault, it was nyma’s. he has genuine flaws but you all just love to twist shit in canon that’s not how it actually is, and you all wonder why lance fans are sick of you guys?

i hate how i have to point out that i do recognize his faults in order to not be labelled as one of those lance stans, because god forbid someone has a fave different than yours. i always laughed about it before, but it’s getting annoying now because it’s twice that i’ve mentioned loving/defending lance and i get some bitter fan of another character telling me i’m being a hypocrite or assuming i think the worst of you bc you don’t like my fave. idc. i do care when you treat lance like shit tho for some obvious reasons, but hey, whatever right? 

me criticizing your fave isn’t going to change your love of the keith you created in your head! but please! continue sending me asks! you’re only proving my point lmao

Did I miss something....?

Most of you people were so happy Spencer had a twin. before the finale everyone was soooo for the idea and excited and then once it happens they are disappointed? I don’t see how you can be that disappointed!!! I get the whole mask thing was overkill and misleading and I really do wish Melissa was more involved for sure bc I’m sure that’d tie up many more lose ends but I think it was executed so well!! Was it perfect well no. But I liked it!! It may not tie all the way back to Ali’s disappearance but wasn’t that story line kind of over since like 6A finale/CeCe’s reveal? A.D started BECAUSE OF CECES DEATH. NEW MATERIAL. So if you want you can’t pretend that season 6B-7B doesn’t exist. Sure questions weren’t answered but hey she tied wren into it which makes me happy!! I thought it was personally great. Answers many questions… you people are so hard to please! Like it’s the finale there’s no more just appreciate 7 years. the cast and crew worked so hard and were excited to wrap it up. Troian was outstanding!!! Nothing is perfect but I thought the second half of the finale was great hats off!!

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Idk if you've ever seen Archer but there's a fem cyborg who has a vag but in order to clean it she literally removes it so would a fem cyborg have that or something else cause I think it would be funny to just walk in to a guest bathroom and just "W h y i s t h e r e a v a g i n a i n t h e s i n k"


Epic Rap Battles Of Tumblr

people who think bill cipher is a kinky sex god vs people who think blue diamond is a misunderstood woobie 


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Listen HONEY, I know you think they’re real cute! / But I’d rather see the diamonds underneath Bill’s boot. Those giant ladies aint got nothing on cipher / his sexy way of walking sets my heart on fire! 

 Go bawl your heart out, don’t even try. / Blue Diamond’s tears are running pretty dry! Her wimpy governing could never keep homeworld under wraps. / With chaos and a hard-on, Bill Cipher has her #SNATCHED.

 You know he’s hardcore, he doesn’t take prisoners! / Unlike that snivelling worm, and even I’M embarrassed by her! Her giant forehead has way too much room… / that’s what they blew their budget on this time, I presume!

 It’s really bad to bully tumblr minors. / So since I’m 29 let this be a reminder. Good job, you tried. Somehow you failed this easy test. / At least I don’t worship a neon mess who doesn’t know how to dress!

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Haha, what a nice try. / You know I hate it when Blue Diamond cries! Her pout and cute smile means she’s totally redeemed! / What do you mean she runs a fascist regime? She really isn’t even all that problematic / Unlike a certain someone, whose dick you worship. 

He’s a tiny triangle. There’s really nothing there! / But my diamond has ass and tiddies to spare! She’s hella fleek with ALL her style and grace. / Your dorito husbando doesn’t even have a face! 

“An ugly neon mess who doesn’t know how to dress?” / Go off and deepthroat a cactus! Your hatred of her seems terfy and aphobic. / Do you hate mentally ill people? Of course you would you huge dick!

Your attempt was all right, but futile nonetheless. / Going after her looks was one of your missteps. Her soft heart and meaningful character arc / Will mean way way more than that demon who likes like a human fart!

IH does backflips to negate Ichiruki moments from Ichigo’s perspective but you DAMN SURE can’t do it from Rukia’s perspective. Rukia ain’t ever E V E R acted in a loving/nurturing way towards Renji save the time she saved him from hunger. Rukia has never even looked at Renji the way she’s looked at Ichigo, thought of Kaien, or admired Byakuya. Not even close, son.

Today a woman complimented me on my swimsuit organization skills and when a girl accidentally knocked a few to the floor she kept apologizing and trying to clean them up while I explained it’s fine, I hadn’t organized them yet anyway. So yeah, a good day with some really polite and nice customers for once

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Yeah H and marlon arrived to his party at 8pm maybe, H was most of the time with David bc T was busy serving beers and alcohol to his friends then the boys were in the kitchen talking and dancing when T and H went upstairs David was shouting like "that's my bro" as if T is about to do something which David is proud or idk the party ended around 4am and no clue of h and t also they had to carry rumen bc he was passed out 😂 sorry for tell this but now that skam is over I can spit it

Takk for the details! Were you there? Now that you mentioned I remember ppl saying that they disappeared for a while.