São Paulo


While the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship was still cooing over the cuteness of a pair of owl and pussycat friends in Japan, they learned about another impossibly cute bond in São Paolo, Brazil. 30 hours and 2 flights later they were delighting in the camaraderie between Bob the Golden Retriever and his BFFs, 2 zebra finches, 2 cockatiels, 4 parakeets, and one plump little grey hamster.

Bob and his wee pals live with their human who shares lots of photos of their life together on Instagram. Although he towers over every one of them, Bob is a gentle giant who enjoys playing, lounging, and even cuddling up with his bird and hamster friends. Bob’s human posts adorable videos of the group as well.

For more photos and videos of this awesome group of friends follow Bob the Golden Retriever on Instagram.

[via RocketNews24]