Hiccup Pro Tip

if u have hiccups just think with complete confidence “hey. actually fuck this im not gonna hiccup anymore” and you just stop hiccuping? it’s probably not guaranteed to work for everyone but it’s worked for myself and everyone I’ve told to do this 100% of the time so !!! hell yea !

T A S K / /  0 0 1  P L A Y L I S T

i. wild boy - mgk ii. shabba - a$ap ferg iii. girls - kid cudi iv. good life kanye west ft. t-pain v. oldie - odd future vi. what’s my age again - blink-182 vii. no type - rae sremmurd viii. often - the weeknd

as a welsh person i want you all to accept that W is a vowel because honestly it makes pronouncing acronyms so much easier. wlw becomes ‘ooloo’, wjec becomes ‘oojeck’, love yourselves and stop giving us shit when we tell you welsh has 7 vowels. english actually has 15 vowel sounds but because y’all only use 5 letters you have to rely on a spelling system devised by satan