Picture shared by Ryutaro via Twitter on September 25th.

It shows the flyers for his first solo release 『デも/demo』 which he had just received from the print shop. It is planned to distribute them at the venues
of Pura’s lives :) 

He also wrote:

「(仮) アー写の証明写真が大きくなってる。

Translation ↴

「The (provisional) passport photo artist pic turned out large.
About 3 times bigger than the actual one.」

Note: ‘アー写’ is short for ‘アーティスト写真 (artist picture), which are pictures being used in an official way by record companies to promote a release.


5th day of Plastic Tree’s Autumn Tour 『Black Silent/White Noise』
at DRUM Be-7 in Nagasaki on September 24th.

The next live will be held at DRUM LOGOS in Fukuoka on September 25th!


01.ムーンライト (Moonlight)
02.フラスコ (Frasco)
03.みらいいろ (Mirai iro)
04.メルト (Melt)
05.くちづけ (Kuchizuke)
06.テトリス (Tetris)
07.真っ赤な糸 (Makka na ito)
08.影絵 (Kagee)
09.梟 (Fukurou)
10.シンクロ (Synchro)
11.スラッシングパンプキン・デスマーチ (Slashing Pumpkin Deathmatch)
12.サイレントノイズ (Silent Noise)
13.メランコリック (Melancholic)
14.マイム (MIME)
15.ヘイト・レッド、ディップ・イット (Hate Red, Dip It)
16.静かの海 (Shizuka no umi)

01.シオン (Shion)
02.空中ブランコ (Kuuchuu Buranko)

01.バンビ (Bambi)
02.クリーム (Cream)

Picture shared by Kenken after the 5th live of Pura´s Autumn tour ~
Here he is together with Tadashi-kun :)

He wrote the following:

m(_ _)m


#BSWNツアー 」

Translation ↴

「Kuro Shizu Shiro Sō (Black Silent, White Noise),
in Nagasaki, thank you!
m(_ _)m

The 5th day!

#BSWNツアー 」