I love how at the beginning everyone was like, “oh its just karasuno, they’re like trash,the fallen crows, not flying anymore, pffft” but now, 200+ chapters later karasuno’s at nationals and everyone’s like, “be careful bout that baldy spiker, and the ace, their captain, he’s gonna jump float don’t underestimate him, their libero, wtf look out there are two setters now, that’s the kid who shut Wakatoshi’s spike, that fucking setter, thAT FUCKING NUMBER 10”


Beach trip!!

Here’s the third piece in me and @janetsungart ’s series of annual collaborations! We wanted to draw our Haikyuu faves. We both did the undersketch, Janet did the lines, and we both worked on color! Come say hi at AX, tables C19 & C20.

how people react to hinata

we have bro tsukki who shoots him a side-glance

we have the excited bros, tanaka and noya

confused uncle asahi and papa crow

a surprised coach

and of course his supportive boyfriend, kageyama

and last but not least, exasperated mama suga

Some Akaashi Appreciation

Not that Fukurodani’s amazing setter DOESN’T get enough appreciation, I just thought I’d appreciate him even more.

Akaashi Keiji:

-is the only known second-year vice captain (as opposed to third-year) in the entire series so far

-is in a class 6 college prep class, which is the second-highest level of any character in the series (Yachi is in class 5 and she’s smart!)

-has a jump stat of 4/5, which is higher than Oikawa “Killer Jump Serve” Toru’s, and on par with Bokuto’s and Ushijima’s, who are both nationally ranked top-five aces. And Akaashi is a SETTER.

-has his current concern down as self-improvement


Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that even though Oikawa has insulted him countless times, refused to teach him for no reason, and expressed a desire to crush him, Kageyama still hasn’t said a single bad thing about Oikawa, still respects him so deeply, and looks up him so much that he shelves his pride and asks him for advice?

In that regard, Kageyama still hasn’t changed from the earnest, starry-eyed blueberry he was in middle school.