RyukxLight OTP

Rule 34 no not THAT one of the Death Note

Do you know what this means?

Spoiler Alert

It means because Light is possessed by a Shinigami he is protected from being killed by any other God of Death.

It means Rem couldn’t make good on her threat to kill Light.

It means that (at least up until the point Light switched the notebooks around) only Ryuk can kill Light.

It means Light could’ve killed Misa anyway and told Rem to go fuck herself.

RyukxLight Headcanons (spoilers)
  • Ryuk is a liar. He did choose Light when it came to tossing his notebook. He knew Light was “so smart” before ever meeting him. He was looking for someone who would use the notebook well… and the attractive, charismatic human caught his eye right away. 
  • Really, what are the odds it was an accident? That he just happened to drop the notebook, written in English, outside the window of Light’s English class that he stares out of in boredom everyday? Ryuk knew where he lived, he followed him home. This implies that he was watching and stalking him for at least a week, possibly longer.
  • Ryuk tells him it was an accident because he didn’t want to feed Light’s already bloated ego. Also he didn’t want to look desperate.
  • Light knows the odds are unlikely but accepts Ryuk’s explanation at face value. Maybe Ryuk didn’t intend it but it must have just been fate that brought them together.
  • They sleep together. Well, Shinigami don’t technically need to sleep but Light didn’t know that when they met and he is nothing if not polite to his guest.
  • Light enjoys that he can feel superior to Ryuk, but unlike any human he’s ever interacted with he doesn’t find him boring. Whenever Light gets bored he can always pry Ryuk for more information about Shinigami and the notebook.
  • Ryuk often praises Light’s ideas and acts very impressed with everything he does. Light lives for that—especially when Kira is getting negative press, and L is calling him evil, and even his own family refuse to support Kira. Even if Ryuk isn’t on Kira’s side, for the longest time he’s the only support Light has. 
  • When Ryuk is bored he tries other apple-flavored stuff… apple pie, apple shampoo, someone’s apple ipod.  
  • They enjoy going shopping together.  Ryuk enjoys getting out of the house with Light and seeing the human world. At first Light finds it boring but over time he comes to see the some of the wonders of his own world through Ryuk’s eyes and it reminds him of the perfect world he’s working for.
  • For the first time in what feels like forever, Light is happy. He feels challenged,and engaged, and has goals and is making the world a better place…
  • It’s Ryuk that helps Light drives away his night terrors born of guilt and fear. Sure, Ryuk can be scary in his own right but Ryuk is a known quantity and nothing else can hurt him with a God of Death by his side…  
  • Rule 34 of the Death Note was put in by the Shinigami King to discourage interspecies relations. That there is a rule forbidding it suggests that it is indeed possible despite what the rule says… or at the very least someone has once tried. (Also applies to RemxMisa and any other ShinigamixHuman ships. Also considering the existence of Beyond Birthday, born with the Shinigami eyes, that might just be the reason it’s forbidden…) 
  • Ryuk knows it’s a lie. He’s had a few centuries of practice breaking that particular rule. 
  • While Ryuk enjoys watching Kira’s game, he gets jealous about all the time Light spends with the police and especially that L guy.  
  • When Light temporarily forfeited the notebook Ryuk is loathe to leave him. He is sad and worried though he plays it tough when he leaves. Light is confident in his plan and it would be amazing if it worked, but Ryuk can’t help but worry. He’s not on Kira’s side but if the plan should fail (or worse should he shack up with L) he’ll never see him again.  
  • After Kira’s victory, Light falls into a deep depression, it’s Ryuk that tries to motivate him… with praise, or jokes, or veiled threats.
  • After the Yotsuba arc, they don’t play with chains anymore.  It brings back too many painful memories.
  • They silently agree, they don’t talk about L.
  • When Misa moves in with them and she protests Ryuk sleeping with them, giving the ultimatum that either Ryuk goes or she goes, it’s Misa that gets kicked out of the room. “Love me, love my Shinigami.”  
  • Ryuk comes to well and truly respect Light and goes as far as to call him God to his followers (see his interaction with Mikami in Relight 2). Also, it’s amusing that Mikami really believes Light is perfect and a God when Ryuk knows he is so very human and so very flawed. Honestly, he never expected him to last this long…
  • Things become more… interesting when Light exposes him to the taskforce in a convoluted plan to get the notebook back. Ryuk only assists to this degree because, dammit he cares…
  • Light is consumed with trying to beat Near and Mello. Ryuk can see how much stress he is under and tries to stay out of the way. Meanwhile Matsuda takes over giving him apples… It’s not the same.
  • When Ryuk kills Light at the end, it was a mercy killing–quick, and relatively painless. He didn’t want to have to watch Light deteriorate in prison. It would be decades of torture, stuck in a tiny cell, never knowing when his execution would be. He couldn’t put him through that.
  • After it all, Ryuk holes up in a cave in the Shinigami realm for centuries and doesn’t bother with the human world again.
  • Some may call him a fool, to care for a human, mourning a human. Ryuk doesn’t care.
  • At least until a new Shinigami comes along—brown hair, red eyes, and always smiling despite the rage and pain inside. He walks with a slight limp, from back when he was human, but no bullets can hurt him now. He really is a God now–even if it’s not the way he envisioned.
  • He wants to know about the human world. Ryuk tells him. Everything.
  • Light is so angry. He needs someone to blame, and all the humans involved are long dead. Ryuk lets him.
  • But they keep drifting back together. Even if their spats sometimes last centuries. Light could ever hold a grudge…
  • It is Ryuk that teaches him how to fly, who shows him the prime spots for viewing and hunting in the human world. 
  • Ryuk introduces him to the others but their games are boring and Light always wins.
  • Rule 34 says “Shinigami can’t have sex with each other” but really that’s propaganda too and with such obvious loopholes…