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Iwatobies and Samezukas taking care of their sick s/o? .3.

I’ve decided to group several of the boys together because in all honesty, there’s only so many ways people can act when taking care of others. I hope this is ok for you!

Haru and Aii:

They wouldn’t fuss greatly over their s/o, but Haru and Aii would do everything they could to make sure they were comfortable. They’d cook something for them that would warm them right up and keep their energy as high as possible. The two of them would mostly leave their s/o alone so they could rest or fall asleep, but would be there immediately for them if they needed anything.


Makoto would pay all his attention to his s/o, bringing blankets, cushions and hot water bottles for them, feeding them soup and making sure they took their medicine. He would baby them for the whole day, constantly fretting and worrying about them and their health. It was incredibly endearing and his s/o appreciated how much he cared for them, but it could become a bit overwhelming at times, especially when all they wanted to do was sleep.

Nagisa and Momo:

These two would compile together all of the blankets in the house and wrap them around their s/o. They’d also bring a large array of stuffed animals an plushies, giving them to their partner to brighten up their mood a little bit. If they were still feeling cold, Nagisa and Momo would crawl under the blankets with them, ignoring their warnings and most likely ending up sick themselves.


Rei’s s/o would be cured within a day, he’d make sure of it. Rei could recognise symptoms before they could fully develop and would urge his s/o to take some medicine before it could get any worse. If they did become ill, he’d bring them all sorts of remedies, from herbal mixtures to good old-fashioned sleep. Rei wanted his s/o to feel better as soon as possible and would do the best he could to help them.

Rin, Sousuke and Seijuurou:

They’d stay by their s/o’s side all day, even if they were asleep. They wanted to make sure they were ok and could get anything they needed as soon as they needed it. They really hated to see their s/o ill; they were so quiet and not at all themselves when they were like this. Even the colour in their cheeks had paled. Because of this, Rin, Sousuke and Sei would do all they could to get their happy and smiling s/o feeling better.


Rarepair Week Day 7: Crossover [ freerarepairs ]
Pairing/s: Hazuki Nagisa x Nanase Haruka + Yamazaki Sousuke
Anime: Free! x Ouran High School Host Club

The confusion is confusing… Full version available here!


Team Red’s other half in the brink of hopelessness…….. coz the sexy outfits are waiting.