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How could iwatobi's + nitori's SO show them how much they appreciate their presence and love them if they aren't too good at physically showing affection?


Makoto: He’s quite good at reading people, so his s/o wouldn’t need to say anything too obvious to get their feelings across. Just a warmer smile than usual or a gesture a bit bolder than expected is enough for him to read them. Most of the time he can guess and then proceed to spoil them rotten in kisses and hugs. 

Haruka: His partner might need to be a bit more upfront since he might be a little oblivious, but it would really get to him if they grab for his hand first. He loves his partner’s hands, so he’s usually the one linking their fingers, but if they did it first he’d understand and blush. 

Nagisa: If not physically, then verbally! (After all, he can make up for an entire person’s lack of physical affection in a relationship by smothering them in hugs at any given opportunity.) He absolutely loves being praised and hearing his partner laugh at his antics, so being complimented is enough for him.

Rei: The little things make him feel loved. Good morning texts, notes for him, tiny presents, he cherishes everything his partner gives him and holds it dear. It’s alright if they’re not touchy all the time, but those little shows of affection are plenty enough for him to know. 

Nitori: Just being there for him makes him feel incredibly loved and important. Taking a walk with him or cheering him on can brighten his entire day, especially from the person he loves. Being supportive and encouraging is the best way to his heart; he can handle the hugs and kisses himself.