Rythlen Theirin née Cousland

[pterodactyl screeches] it’s done. 

A giveaway song for picchar‘s gorgeous Rythlen Theirin née Cousland (album work by the artist herself!) . I had so much fun getting to know your queen of Fereldan, and the weird wacky things I did for this song worked!!! so!! that’s very exciting for me aha. :) 


Now the time for sleep is here

Now the stars will glow

My little pup, my darling one

Sleep through the falling snow

To shake the earth, to rock the seas

Men, we’ll need a thousand

But you, my girl, my daughter dear

Your hands will move a mountain  

To reach the skies, to cross the seas

To run a thousand miles

You must sleep now, little one

And rest a little while

I’ll hold you close, my daughter dear

Sweet dreams the moonlight will bring          


How swift the winter winds chase us

How soon the summer flees

My love, the moonlight will bathe us

So won’t you dance with me?

Your rose is sweet upon my lips

Your touch is warm and steady

The longest roads won’t stop us

So won’t you dance with me?

I know the dawn might bring sorrows

I’ve seen it all before

Our questions will keep ‘til tomorrow

So won’t you dance with me?

some notes below the cut: 

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