Ryouma Nagare

Which Getter Robo characters should you fight?
  • Ryouma Nagare: Listen. You can fight Ryouma Nagare if you want. But just be warned that you will not enjoy the experience. He will destroy you.
  • Hayato Jin: Under no circumstances should you fight Hayato Jin. He will do something so pointlessly horrifying to you that you’ll wish you had never been born. And he will do it while laughing the scary laugh.
  • Musashi Tomoe: You can probably get away with fighting Musashi Tomoe. Just don’t let him get you in any holds and you should be fine. Even if you lose he probably won’t kill you unless you deserve it. Good odds you’ll end up as friends.
  • Benkei Kurama: Whether or not you win, neither of you will really get anything out of it. Also he’s built like a truck. Only fight Benkei Kurama is you would also wrestle a truck.
  • Michiru Saotome: I don’t know man. You might win but then you’d have to fight the rest of the getter team. And they’d be pissed. Probably not a winning proposition
  • Professor Saotome: Fight Professor Saotome. He has it coming. He really really has it coming. Just kick him in the nuts. Make sure not to do it while he’s wearing clogs, though.
  • Genki: The fuck is wrong with you the kid is like eight. Do not fight Genki.
  • Jack King: Have you seen the size of that guy? Do not fight Jack King
  • Mary King: Fighting Mary King would provoke Jack King. Do not fight Mary King.
  • Gou Ichimonji: Fight Gou Ichimonji if you really want to, I guess? Just remember that Shin vs. Neo Gou bites, and Armageddon Gou might not notice.
  • Kei Kurama: Risky. She’ll probably break a couple limbs if she doesn’t just shoot you. Probably not a good idea overall.
  • Dr. Shikishima: Do not fight Dr. Shikishima. He probably has a bomb.
  • Puppies: Fight the puppies.
  • Stinger and Cohen: Because you can’t fight one without fighting the other. That said fight Stinger and Cohen. Fight them with all your might and all the power the Getter brings you. Even if you lose, fight Stinger and Cohen.
  • Emperor Gore and his dinosaur minions: It’s us or them, man.