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Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Movie on Netflix

It’s coming!  So far, in addition to US and Canada, I have seen fans from the Singapore, Italy, and the UK confirming the listing on their respective country’s Netflix, so it looks like it will be a pretty wide release.

As you already know, Netflix is all about viewership, especially viewership in the first week of release.  This is like the box office numbers for them and they make future business decisions about FMA or even other films in the same genre using those numbers.  Please try to watch it on Netflix (not pirated) as soon as possible.  There is a 1-month free trial anyway.


In US and Canada, the shows are usually released at midnight PST. I’ve been told that Netflix released shows at the same time worldwide, so the movie may not be available until the afternoon your time, depending on where you are.  You will have to check with your country’s Netflix.

Thanks for the confirmations in the comments! It is also confirmed for Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Dutch, Sweden, and the Philippines so far.  I don’t think I can keep up with the confirmations, so please leave a comment or check the comments for your country. :-) It does look like it will be available to most of the countries Netflix operates in.

So I’d like to share some pics I took of the full metal alchemist live action movie which is really good and well done. Parts of it look a little cheesy but the cinematography from my opinion is well done. I think the cheesiness is okay and fits well as a manga-anime movie adaption. But the highlight for me was the A+ top tier quality acting, especially from Ed’s actor.

Don’t worry these pics don’t indicate ny spoilers. They’re just Ed’s face.

Thank you for your time


TV Guide 2017.11.25 to 2017.12.01

Photo credit MoMozzz32 on weibo.

A housekeeping item: We have done a first pass at translating the longest of the three Yamada Ryosuke x Dean Fujioka interviews (they all cover the same content).  The file is currently in beta and we will post as soon as that is done. In the meantime, please enjoy the photos.

Made another batch of wallpapers~~

Remember to give credits. :) ありがとう~

Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Teaser Trailer
Starring Yamada Ryosuke as Edward Elric

【アサデス。】 16/11 2016  
「鋼の錬金術師」 山田涼介 

俺 が 必ず おまえ の 体を取り戻して みせる
“I will definitely bring back your body.”

Source: twitter user  ari_915