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you still lookin for TF2 aus? I'm working on like, one where they are all minimum wage workers trying to get by in NYC or something. Umm pretty much just started cause I wanted Soldier as a taxi driver lol. Merasmus does tarot card readings. And Spy... idk what he does but he happens to get Soldier as his taxi driver far too often. Soldier always wants to talk and Spy is like "could you PLEASE look at the road?" Pyro is a fry cook haha. That's all I got so far!

I AM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR TF2 AUS AND THIS ONE IS SO GOOD BC I LOVE NEW YORK CITY… yes pyro workin at like that big mcdonalds. also suggestion: scout can work there too im not sayin its flashfire im just sayin they work together. 

what if zaeed had like 58 different explanations for his arm tattoo and most of them contradict each other and he tells them to throw people off

“it says ‘don’t ask questions’ in batarian.” “it’s a krogan clan war paint.” “it’s from an ancient asari combat scroll for the five-finger death punch.” “i got it on a pirate ship after i beat the captain at arm wrestling.” “i got it in a bar on omega, they put ryncol in the ink. this warlord bet me i wouldn’t do it. he’s walking around now with a naked lady on his chest.” “you see those lines? that’s for every time i killed a man. yeah, well, i… i ran out of room.”

he actually just got it in his twenties because he thought it would make him look like a badass. he has no idea what it means. there’s probably a glyph for a food name in there somewhere.


Here is the last piece of the expression challenge which turned into its own thing. The other Dwick faces were just that and talking with Spiza they said a drunk Dwick would be loud, boisterous and singing war songs (with one arm wrapped around Lydia)

I added the sketch progress so you can see how it evolved. It was slow going but the entire thing was really fun, plus Spiza enjoyed it. My work is done X3 I hope you all enjoy too!

Quick edit: since tumblr shrinks down images here is the full image

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TF2, of course! C:

aw yes B) fistbumps you

The first character I first fell in love with - Spyspyspy
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now - he a v y
The character everyone else loves that I don’t - soldier uHH.. but i still love him ok ok its just. expiration date was like a stab wound dating back to 2007,, i dont need gir in my tf2;; does that make sense ? im trash
The character I love that everyone else hates - The Administrator UwU I used to be super neutral towards her but then thE COMICS,,
The character I used to love but don’t any longer - ??? i love all these scrubs too much someone stop me
The character I would totally smooch - medic meDIC MEDIC DMECI C ME
The character I’d want to be like - engineer ! friendly and clever and artistic and a hired killer (⊙‿⊙✿) gonna get me eleven phds nobody can stop me
A pairing that I love - sniperspy /40 keks
A pairing that I despise - spyscout,, especially blu scout red spy hhahah so RR Y


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Headcanons…. YESSSSSSS. (Yeah, either way, there’s no way he’s taking off that mask. No way.) It’s fact *coughcough* that Soundwave has the best most adorable face of all. And that’s saying a lot, looking at Starscream, Knock Out and Ratchet lol.

YES I HAVE THEM LOTS OF THEM LIKE his left eye is missing and it got torn out in the fateful fight between him and megatronus that took place on Kaon virtually forever ago (but the match was first to wound (not a death match) which is why he’s still alive) and he never got it fully fixed because of some sort of inferiority complex/loyalty thing/soundwave being frickin creepy

and the visor was basically used to a targeting program but then over the years he just saw more sense in adding more cool stuff to it cause he likes spying and stuff and wow ok this all made a lot more sense and sounded cooler in my head