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Love When A Tight End Humps His Quarterback. Love It, Too, When A Quarterback Humps His Tight End!

Woof, Baby!

Pretty Little Liars scene reenacted by NFL players on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | EW.com

Pretty Little Liars is returning just as this season of NFL football is winding down, so Jimmy Fallon decided to celebrate by combining the two. New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and New York Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara donned the wigs of Spencer and Alison, respectively, to reenact a scene from the show.

Fitzpatrick/Spencer begged Amukamara/Alison not to tell a secret, “or I’ll tell everyone about the Jenna thing.” Only one line reading got messed up (Amukamara/Alison’s “don’t you get it?”) and just as it seemed like the two football players were about to kiss, Fitzpatrick called scene.


Manly Monday

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