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“whatever it takes, i know i can make it through.”


Plays vs Films.

A quote I read on here about acting in films and acting on stage. Well this got me thinking about all the shows that have been both, I must admit it is predominantly musicals but what is better? Can you say one is better? Look at ‘Woman in Black’ for example, I’ve seen both the show and the film and I found the show much more chilling, so much more real, so much more personal, it made me feel like she was real and everything was real, the film however, even though it was frightening was not quite the same. Billy Elliot on the other hand which is a musical lost that in the film but I found the film more entertaining than the show because it felt like they addressed the issues much better and the acting on stage was a lot poorer than I expected when I saw it. There’s the debate of stage acting is better, or they’re more talented but are they? There’s the argument of the fact that films have huge budgets with crazy special effects to which the stage shows can’t beat but does this make the film any better than the shows on stage? Look at the multitude of stories that are shows and film and think about it. Les Miserables, Fiddler on the Rood, Evita, Sweeney Todd, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Oliver!, Mamma Mia, Hairspray, Grease, Dreamgirls and probably many many more. I find it quite an interesting debate, discuss (or should I say 'DIS-QUS’…Ha ha).

R.I.P Richard Griffiths

I would just like to take a moment to remember the career of actor, Richard Griffiths, I love his work and especially his role in Withnail and I. He’s appeared in sorts of stuff including pretty much every Harry Potter. Thought we should just commemorate his contribution to the British arts. 


Friday night just gone I went to see a production of Oklahoma! at the Playhouse in Erith (fancy I know) but when watching it it made me realise how privileged we are and actually how good we are. When watching it there were ensemble actors looking bored on stage, even when they were dancing or singing they just looked bored. The lead male role kept turning everything in and the lady who played Aunt Ella said every line slower than you could imagine. All I could think was how they were getting away with some of the really robotic clearly routined reactions and performing. It wasn’t all bad and there were some really talented people on stage, the lead girl and also the actor who played Luke were two really strong performers. The man who played Luke’s dad as well was very strong and clearly had a lot of experience, his voice really boomed across the audience but he never shouted, it was very impressive. Overall it was a good show but I couldn’t help but see the faults in a lot of it and I don’t think we realise how lucky we are.

That’s the cast by the way, not just some random people cheering like ‘yay Oklahoma’…


Hey guys, i am really looking for something to watch/read/listen to and I can’t find anything at the moment that really excites me, seeing if you guys have any suggestions? Looking for something like a psychological thriller or a really good comedy? Thanks guys :)