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Can I have some Deadpool headcanons with a trans boyfriend? 💛💙💜💚❤

- Okay, for real anon, it’d be no different to a cis or a gender neutral etc. etc. person dating Deadpool. He’s pansexual so gender doesn’t concern him in the slightest.

- Obviously he’d be very very supportive if his s/o decided that they wanted to go on T or have surgery or if they just wanted to stay as they are, he’d be very supportive of that too.

- You’d be best friends before everything and it naturally progressed into more.

- Deadpool would straight up murder anyone who dared to offend you. He wouldn’t stand for it at all.

- He’d show you his true face and tell you about how he came to be as a weird ‘thank you’ for telling him that you were trans, if you came out to him at any point before or during dating.

- Deadpool would be your biggest supporter, greatest love and best friend, no matter what. 

- Cuddles are a must.

- Deadpool would make sure that he knows what does and doesn’t make you uncomfortable so that he never does something to offend you.

- Deadpool would slash anyone who used the wrong pronouns or the wrong name knowingly. If they didn’t know, he’d just attempt to laser-beam stare them to death.

- Would serenade you with Careless Whisper when he’s feeling especially affectionate.

- So much Mexican food.

- Cuddles (so important it gets mentioned twice!)

- Other than that, as I already said, it’s as if he’s dating anyone else! <3

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