Ryan McArthur


Ryan McArthur - a Toronto-based designer and graphic artist, founder of Design Different.

I specialize in Design, and have been doing so since I was a kid. Starting with crayon on a freshly painted wall, to designing with a mouse and keyboard on a computer screen. My artistic abilities gave me the opportunity to pursue a career which I love.

He is autor some truly beautiful minimalist prints, using quotes from famous literary figures with simple, clean black and white images. McArthur creates his works by hand, first drawing them with pen and ink, and then digitally rendering the designs.


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Meaningful Quotes, Minimalist Design by Ryan McArthur

Attention quote and design lovers, here’s a poster series that marries minimalism with inspiration and will look great on your wall. Toronto based designer Ryan McArthur has created this awesome line of prints using quotations from some of the most brilliant minds. He illustrates each of his simple, clean designs by hand then manually traces each line converting it to a vector graphic to scale and manipulate. Next he adds in the speech bubble graphic of the author’s name along with the quote itself, and voila!

McArthur has a way of conveying exactly what each quote represents in the most minimal way. My favorite is the Rumi quote “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go” which features a caterpillar stuck on a branch looking out at the beautiful butterfly he will become. Check out more of McArthur’s designs along with the process behind them on his blog DesignDifferent.ca Prints of these posters are available for purchase on Etsy.



Sometimes an inspirational quote just isn’t quite as inspirational as it should be unless there’s a visual component. Ryan McArthur turned meaningful quotes into really cool posters that catch the eye and illustrate each person’s meaning. ‘MacArthur creates his simple, mostly monochromatic works by hand, illustrating with pen and ink and then digitally rendering the results’.

Some of the famous figures included in this collection are Thomas Edison, Victor Hugo, Rumi, and Oscar Wilde.


Quote Posters: Ryan McArthur Turns Meaningful Quips Into Quirky Designs 

Nothing motivates us more than a poster with an inspirational or apt quote. But we are particularly taken with artist Ryan McArthur’s minimalist designs, which make the words of authors and philosophers like Rumi and Oscar Wilde look better than ever.

McArthur creates his simple, mostly monochromatic works by hand, illustrating with pen and ink and then digitally rendering the results. “I really wanted to find quotes that not only provided a great visual to play off of, but that speak to life in general,” he wrote to The Huffington Post in an email.

Scroll through the slideshow below for a peek at McArthur’s works, which cover the wise quips of a range of writers. For more of the designs, which are reminiscent of graphic designer Evan Robertson’s charming literary posters, check out McArthur’s Etsy page here.