Happy Birthday! (April 25th)

  • Sachiko Shinozaki (Corpse Party)
  • Rui Ninomiya (Gatchaman Crowds)
  • VY2/Roro (VOCALOID)
  • Laurent (Fire Emblem Awakening)
  • Misaki Suzuhara (Angelic Layer)
  • Penguin (One Piece)
  • Fabio (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
  • Yuuya Sakazaki (Hatoful Boyfriend)

Domestic AU. Nico di Angelo volunteers some of his free time at a local orphanage which, due to lack of funding, would have to shut down. The kids being hosted there where either already turned over to another orphanage or being legalized for adoption.

Except for one kid who seemed to have attached herself to the young man, not wanting to let him go.

And truthfully, Nico has got an idea. He just needed Will’s approval.

La boca que dice es sexo que canta.
Decir es desear
             y tocar con manos invisibles.
Decir es saborear el mundo
                    y ser devorado por él.
Decir es entrar en la selva
           con los ojos cerrados.
Decir es soñar y actuar el sueño.
Decir consume nuestro aliento
           pero nos da existencia.
Decir conjura las ausencias.
Decir es parvada de nubes
          y polvo en estampida.
Decir hace llover, apaga estrellas,
        retira mares, rompe piedras.
Decir es música muy lenta.
Decir nos conduce al fondo del silencio:
         un abismo habitado de deseos.
Decir es y no es.
—  Decir es desear, Alberto Ruy Sánchez

It’s still April 1st where I live, so I decided to translate some of my favorite series from the April Fools Day Rejet Friends~ Please excuse my poor editing skills lmfao

Edited/Translated: noirliesl

**Please do not repost my translations anywhere**


Photos with other YOI cosplayers at Katsu! If you see yourself, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST/SEND ME A MESSAGE SO I CAN TAG YOU!! ;A; It was so wonderful meeting you all, thank you so much for taking pics with me!! :DDD

1. Mila, @ask-actual-angel-krista (I LOVE YOU WIFE!!)

2. Phichit, @rui-of-sunshine (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PHOTOS!! ;A;)

3. feather duster Seung-Gil, Ramon Cosplay on twitter

4. Otabek, @bonoree

5. Stammi vicino Victor at the bar, @????

6. waiter costume (shh that’s what i call it) Seung-Gil, @iiyen

7. Yurio & Minami, @kymbawee and @whimsicalparadox

8. Stammi Vicino Victor lobby shot, @kodiak-child

9. Young!Victor, @rainecyc

10. Eros!Yuuri, ungodlyprodigy on instagram

Lemme know if you are/know any of the mystery people/want me to add other social media!! And also please lemme know if you see other pics of me, I’d love to reblog, I’m the super rhinestoned glittery stammi vicino Yuuri who lights up and sometimes was holding toxic blue glowing roses ^ ^;;;

Class Reunion AU. Everyone from their batch knew how much Will Solace and Nico di Angelo hated each other back during highschool.

So, when their reunion took place fifteen years later, none of their batchmates ever expected for the two to get along so well with each other much less find out that they’re actually…engaged?

Just what had happened during those fifteen years?