Sorry I’ve been so inactive here on my main the past couple months, but I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of art over on Umami Town.  Here’s a photoset of a bunch that art.  I’ve been using it to experiment with my digital process after mostly sticking to traditional media for finished pieces the past couple years.  It’s been very helpful as I had never previously reached a comfortable place with shading digitally in photoshop.

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From my trip to Oasis.  One of my favorite parts of Ruthie’s town, Oasis, was the little clearing the stone was in, surrounded by jacob’s ladder.  Very cute.  Also, I just to let you all know that in the few months I’ve run UmamiTown, 300+ of you have come to follow us.  That’s pretty spectacular and I’m blown away.  I’ve always loved AC ever since I first laid eyes on it, long before I ever had my own copy, but it seems like the game is the more fun now than it’s ever been before, and that is thanks to interactions with other people in the community.  As I’ve made more progress with my anxiety disorder and existed in this community longer, I’ve gotten better at making friends.  So even though my health has been dismal all semester, I’ve had this constant bit of joy from the new friendships I’ve made here and the support of people who enjoy my fanart and town.