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Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Ruta Meilutyte

16 years old and already has an Olympic Gold Medal and several world records. Feeling unaccomplished yet? I know I am.

At the age of 15 she became the youngest Lithuanian to ever win an Olympic Gold Medal and before that she had already broken 11 National Records. Also, I love it when swimmers (or other athletes) get emotional when winning a medal because that’s how you should feel, okay, you just won an olympic medal, be fucking emotional and proud.

(see picture above)

In the World Championships in Barcelona she decided that wasn’t enough and she broke the World Record in the 50 & in the 100m Breaststroke.

Also, stop being so cute and nice and have perfect hair because it’s not doing anything good to my self-esteem, thank you.

In short I just really love and admire Ruta, okay? Okay.

Ieri alle Olimpiadi di Londra, nella seconda semifinale dei 100 metri rana femminili, la nuotatrice lituana Ruta Meilutyte ha stabilito il nuovo primato europeo con il tempo di 1’05″21 ottenendo anche, e contro ogni previsione, il miglior tempo assoluto. E oggi ha incredibilmente vinto la medaglia d’oro nei 100 metri rana, battendo la campione olimpica uscente statunitense Rebecca Soni. Ruta Meilutyte ha 15 anni

[Ruta Meilutyte ha vinto l’oro]