Gary Oldman joins submarine thriller Hunter Killer
By James White

Adapted from George Wallace and Don Keith’s novel Firing Point, the story concerns a rogue Russian general who kidnaps his country’s president and looks to kick off World War III. Allied against him are an untested submarine captain, Joe Glass (Butler) and a Navy SEAL team. Despite his history playing Russians on screen, Oldman in this case will be an American official.

Where? Where has it all gone? Where is it? Oh my God, my God! I have forgotten everything, forgotten everything… Everything is confused in my head… I can’t remember the word for window in Italian, or for ceiling… I am forgetting everything, I forget more every day, and life flies past and never returns, never, and we will never go to Moscow… I see now that we will never go…
—  Three Sisters (Anton P. Chekhov)

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Sorry how do i play russian roulette with fic recs please?

from this post!! okay okay here’s what you do

go to this website, and then put ‘generate 5 random intergers’, each integer should have a value between ’1’ and ’20’, and then press 'get numbers’

and then click the corresponding number from this list

and read the fic you get!! or you could put ‘1′ number in above and then only get one fic if you’re indecisive like me

It is strange somehow, we never got to know each other, and all at once for some reason—we shall never meet again. So it is with everything in the world.
—  Doctor Astrov, from Chekhov’s play, Uncle Vanya
the signs as things kids in my robotics team said (round 3):
  • aries:all aboard the drive train! chugga chugga choo choo!
  • taurus:why would I go to robotics if I can't play dota while I'm there???
  • gemini:dude you'll be lucky if you live until next I'm not plotting to kill you.
  • cancer:dude I was barely speeding, I was just going 110 in a 60...
  • leo:no lets get Geiger to count the votes so we can have a Geiger Counter.
  • virgo:why are you watching a Russian lets play channel if you don't understand Russian?
  • libra:close enough? this isn't a hand grenade or a nuclear weapon!
  • scorpio:but is it a nuclear hand grenade?
  • sagittarius:I'll kill the fool who breaks my team badge!
  • capricorn:*accidentally combines 'I'll kick his ass' and 'I'll slap him'* ILL SLAP HIS ASS
  • aquarius:first stronghold is headcanon GAY
  • pisces:if you don't share a bed with me at Orlando regional, I'm starting a riot.

I like to save the feature bits (usually all the derpy player survey stuff) from Breakaway, the monthly game playbook the Caps give out at Verizon. Here’s February 2016. Notable:

  • I could totally see Nicky as a carpenter, actually. At night, he hangs out with his flute-playing Russian neighbor, while he strums a guitar, and they make beautiful music together.
  • Kuznetsov goes for the bold choice of Home Alone 2 over the original Home Alone. And he lists Harry Potter, which is also great.
  • I would so not have called Wilson preferring twitter to snapchat and vice versa for Burakovsky.
  • Individual holdouts: Nicky for Katy Perry, Mojo for *NSYNC, and Burra for snapchat. Swedes just gotta be different from everyone else.
  • Aww. Nate Schmidt knows Holtby best, which makes sense since they save goals together and comfort each other during medical tests.
  • Grubi going for that sentimental Holtby answer there.

Previous Breakaways.

love and some verses, chapters 28-32

chapter 28: Pre ‘Always’, Castle and Beckett have to share a bed.

chapter 29: Insert for 2x01, Deep In Death. Russian role play.

chapter 30: AU Caskett meeting at Remy’s.

chapter 31: Post-ep for 6x22, Veritas. Beckett breaks down.

chapter 32: Halloween AU. Castle and young Alexis’s trick-or-treating leads them to Beckett’s doorstop. 

Wonderful cover art by the lovely Valen

This is hands down the best movie I’ve seen in a long time, I loved it so much I watched it twice within a few days. I didn’t know it was a remake of an old TV series, and I want to thank, Guy Richie for bringing this into my life! I loved the cast and the story, and Guy’s directing was so refreshing. I really enjoyed the humour, the love story between Illya and Gaby, and I LOVED seeing the KGB/CIA working together for a change. 

Henry Cavill played the dashing Napoleon Solo, Armie Hammer played the fantastic, Illya Kuryakin and Alicia Vikander played the wonderful, Gaby Teller. Hugh Grant features as The Man from U.N.C.L.E, who later recruits the three agents after they help to take down a common enemy dealing with nuclear weapons during the Cold War.

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to loving this movie. There are epic car chases, Illya and Solo trying to best each other, Gaby intent on rescuing her biological father. I love how she’s a mechanic, she’s smart and she’s fun. The three of them together make a great team, and their banter is great. I loved falling in love with Illya and Gaby from the start, watching Illya let go of his demons and let Gaby in. I loved when Solo had a picnic in the truck whilst Illya tried to escape the guards, and Solo choosing to save his friend. I loved when Illya carried Gaby after she had too much to drink in their hotel room after dancing to some fabulous music. I loved the scenery, and the villains. I loved Gaby’s betrayal, and what it meant for the boys. I loved the suspense, the mystery, and even the villains, at times.I hope there’s a sequel, because god damn, there needs to be.

- Lyndall