Russian doll

Hey guys, i decided to sell my Solas matreshka (russian doll).

It’s a unique thing thats been living with me for a while. Now and it’s time to find him a new home. Russian colour and Dragon Age elven-hobo style met, creating this unholy abomination (cutie).

5 dolls’ all painted by me, and I’m not planning to make another one, so this one is very limited edition. 4 Solas + 1 Lavellan for the price of one x)
200$ (shipping not included) 

Hit me up for more details and photos. 
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The last two weeks Animal Alphabets Fairy Tale Edition was U for Ugly Duckling and V for Vasilisa the Beautiful (Based off a Russian fairy tale).  Long story short, she is sent to find fire, and meets Baba Yaga and must complete a set of tasks with the help of her magical doll given to her by her dead mother.

Matryoshka and Relationships

So here’s a thing I thought of while listening to episode 110: communication. It’s pretty obvious that admitting faults and communicating was what saved the town (for the time being) and that made me think of how often people say something along the lines of “communication is the key to a relationship” and that’s right! Not just in romantic relationships but platonic and familial as well.

Going deeper into this the metaphor of the russian dolls works really well with this; how Cecil was talking about sort of finding the other half and once that’s broken you have to remember the details of that other half.

Idk if this was obvious to everyone else and it just looks like I’m an idiot lol but I really liked that aspect of this episode (and just the entire episode I was prepared for more pain and am relieved) especially the parallel of Cecil and Steve healing their own relationship.

I learned vulnerability is a bit like those Russian nesting dolls, the ones that get smaller and smaller in size when you twist the top off and pull another one out. In the end, you’re left with the tiniest dull, that one nugget. No more layers to take off. Nothing left but a surprise, the surprise of finding out the littlest doll is the most solid of them all. It doesn’t hide inside of itself.
—  Hannah Brencher (If You Find This Letter: My Journey to Find Purpose Through Hundreds of Letters to Strangers)