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Okay i might have seen your post about Russians cussing and i might have a high need to ask for some exemples X)

HAHAHA OKAY I AM ALWAYS READY TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT RUSSIAN CUSSES! It’s actually quite interesting from the linguistics side!

I did a very quick research and here’s what I found: 

Russian cusses are pretty much countless, but most of them spring from some basic roots (there are many more roots though, but this post is long enough already). The numbers are different, I’m just gonna choose the most widespread ones, thus the four officially forbidden by Russian government to be used by mass media. 

!Almost all of these are HIGHLY OFFENSIVE, many of them much more offensive than a simple “fuck” and to be used only with very familiar people who are okay with that! Russian teenagers cuss a lot, like, A WHOLE LOT, but more or less decent ones try to not do it in front of the adults. Adults cuss as well, but usually not at work (or at least so that no one would hear them). But if you commute a lot, then during the day you’re bound to hear people cussing quite often. I’m a high school senior, and children in primary school started cussing much more recently, those little fucktards. Like I said, there words are used only when the people that allowed to hear it and okay with it are around; on the street passerby won’t pay as much attention, but it’s really not recommended (although everyone’s just used to it that much I guess). 

Words marked like this* are subject to change depending on the sentence structure (even though in Russian you can insert cuss words almost everywhere, you should still be aware of what you’re doing lol).

1) Хуй (hUi) — male reproductive organ. Expressions (more examples here): 

• хуй тебе/соси хуй (hUi tebe/sosI hUi) — fuck no;
• иди/пошел* нахуй (idi/pashOl nAhui) — fuck you;
• хуй с тобой (hUi s tabOi) — couldn’t fucking care less;
• нихуя себе (nihuYA sebE) — holy fucking shit;
• нахуя? (nahuYA?) — why the fuck (asking for a reason)?
• с хуя ли? (s huYA li?) — why the fuck is that (objection);
• хуйня (huinYA) — fucking shit (a noun that can mean literally anything you want it to mean — something easy, something bad, something strange);
• что за хуйня?/какого хуя? (shto za huinYA?/kakOva hUya?) — what the fuck?
• охуевший* (ohuiEfshii) — a fucktard who’s too bold;
• охуенно/охуительно (ohuiEnno/ohuEEtel’no) — fucking awesome;
• дохуя/хуева туча (dohuYA/hUyeva tOOcha) — a whole fucking lot/a shit ton;
• нет нихуя (net nihuYA) — there’s fucking nothing;
• хуеплет (huyeplYOt) — liar;
• хуесос (huyesOs) — a very bad person;
• хуета/хуетень (huyetA/huyetEn’) — nonsense, rubbish;
• нехуй (nEhui) — don’t fucking dare;
• похуй (pOhui) — doesn’t fucking matter (there’s a noun pohuIzm — a state when you just don’t care, and it’s lighter version, which isn’t a cuss: pofigIzm);
• and then a whole lot of verbs, I’m only gonna mention a few: выхуярить (vIhuyarit’) — make someone crack, shake something out; вхуярить(ся) (vhuYAritsa) — to hit, to insert, to get into trouble; дохуярить (dohuYArit’) — to finish something; дохуяриваться (dohuYArivatsa) — to annoy, to bug; захуярить (zahuYArit’) — to punch, to make; нахуярить (nahuYArit’) — to make a lot of something; отхуярить (othuYArit’) — to beat up badly; прихуярить (prihuYArit’) — to attach; расхуярить (rashuYArit’) — to destroy.

2) Пизда (pizdA) — female reproductive organ. Examples (more examples here):

• пиздец (pizdEts) — everything’s bad and over/something really cool, very commonly used;
• пиздёж (pizdYOsh) — lies/twaddle;
• пиздобол/пиздун (pizdabOl/pizdUn) — liar;
• дать пиздюлей (dat’ pizdul’Ei) — give an earful; comeuppance;
• пиздюк* (pizdYUk) — literally anything you want it to mean it means, but has a slightly lighter undertone, so not usually used to describe really bad people;
• пиздеть* (pizdet’) — once again, whatever you want it to mean, but often to lie or to talk mindlessly;
• распиздяй (raspizdYAi) — frivolous, unreliable person;
• пиздато (pizdAto) — fucking awesome, and adjective from this is пиздатый (pizdAtii);
• once again, a shit ton of verbs: впиздить (fpIzdit’) — to beat up; допиздеться (dopizdEtsa) — to talk yourself into something bad; пиздануться (pizdanUtsa) — to fall/get hit, to go nuts; пиздеть (pizdEt’) — to lie; пиздить (pIzdit’) — to beat up; спиздить (spIzdit’) — to steal.

3) Ебать(ся) (yebAt’(sa)) — predominantly about having a coitus. Examples (more here):

• ебать* (yebAt’) — a shit ton of various meanings, usually to annoy, to fuck, to beat up;
• ебать! (yebAt’) — holy fucking shit!
• ёбнуть (YObnut’) — to hit;
• ёбнутый* (YObnutyi) — a crazy person;
• ебальник/ебало/ебло* (yebAl’nik/yebAlo/yeblO) — a face;
• ёбнуться* (YObnutsa) — to fall, to get hit;
• выёбываться* (viYObyvatsa) — to show off;
• долбоёб* (dolboYOp) — an annoying someone (could be knocking a lot, like a neighbor);
• заебись (zayebIs’) — fucking awesome;
• заебать/доебать* (zayebAt’/doyebAt’) — to make someone really annoyed after doing something for a long while;
• наебать* (nayebAt’) — to deceive;
• подъебать* (podyebAt’) — to make fun of;
• уёбище* (uYObische) — someone really ugly, a loser;
• съёбывать* (sYObyvat’) — go away;
• еблан/уёбок* (yeblAn/uYObok) — a really bad person;
• ебучий* (yebUchii) — really annoying;
• проебать* (proyebAt’) — to miss/lose something, a thing or an opportunity.
• there are so many verbs with this one I’m not even gonna try listing them, I’ve already used the most common ones.

4) Блядь (blYAt’) — usually meant a whore, bitch, slut. Examples with this one are more limited, cause it’s not subject to change that much. However it is used VERy often, especially its original form, and can be inserted almost anywhere in speech. 

• блядь! (blYAt’!) — can be used to describe literally any state of being (or just a person): distress, disappointment, frustration, surprise, shock, cheer, happiness and so on.
• блядский* (blYAtskii) — an adjective from the first one, that can also be used in almost any meaning you can come up with (although preferable a negative one in this case).

If you have any more questions/want to know something else — feel free to ask! :D i spent over an hour on this what am i doing with my life my browser history is a mess

Famous historical anecdote

“His Majesty, Peter the Great attending a session of the Senate one day,became incensed upon hearing of various thefts that had recently occurred .

He angrily vowed to put the thievery to an end, saying to his prosecutor general, Pavel Ivanovich Iaguzhinskii:Draft this very minute a decree in my name to the whole country, stating that anyone who steals an amount sufficient to buy a rope shall be summarily hanged.’ The prosecutor general, pen in hand,listened to the stern order, but hesitated.  He replied to the monarch: ‘Your Highness, have you considered the probable consequences of such a decree?’ ‘Write what I ordered you to write,’ the sovereign interrupted him.  

Still, Iaguzhinskii did not start writing, and finally smiled and said to the monarch: ‘Most Gracious Sovereign!  Do you really want to be an emperor without servants or subjects?  We all steal, only so me steal more than others, and more obviously.’  His Majesty, who had been deep in thought, heard this amusing answer, burst out laughing, and fell silent.”


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Кузьма Петров-Водкин - Девочка за партой by Irina

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin - The girl at the desk, 1934.

Kuzma Sergeevich Petrov-Vodkin (Кузьма Сергеевич Петров-Водкин) (1878–1939) was a famous Russian and Soviet painter.

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Katrina Mumaw was once the ‘world’s fastest kid’. She earned that title at the age of 11 when she convinced her instructor to let her fly a Russian fighter jet and became the youngest person to pilot a MIG-29. On that same flight, she also became the youngest person to break the sound barrier after reaching the speed of Mach 1.3, then celebrated by doing a series of military-style maneuvers and aerobatics. Source Source 2 Source 3