On 29 April 1818 a long-awaited event took place. “At 11 o’clock,” wrote Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, I heard the first cry of my first baby! Niks kissed me and cried, and we thanked God together not knowing yet whether He sent us a sonor a daughter, but at this moments Maman [the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna] came and said: “It is a son”. On learning we felt ourselves even more happy, but I remember that sensed something important and sad at the thought that this small creature was to become the Emperor some day.” The future Tsar Alexander II was thus born.

April 29, 1818 – Birth of Tsar Alexander II

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Name: Laura
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hey there! I’m interested in the fine arts though I focus primarily on the visual spectrum. Art is something I’ve always been really into and I love to talk about it often (so hopefully you’ll be into it too). I enjoy conspiracy/paranormal theories, watching documentaries, comedies (stand-up comedy) and animated films. I’m open to book and music recommendations, learning about new cultures and backgrounds, history, listening to people talk about something they’re really into and know what they’re about is great. I’m trying to learn Russian (so anyone out there who knows the language or is from Russia, welcome!), if you’re looking to improve your English I wouldn’t mind helping! I also know Spanish. I’m not so particularity great at small talk so if you wanna jump into any sort of conversations or topics that’d be great. Communicating with someone from another country would be amazing but I don’t mind anyone from the US either. I’m here for the laughs and a good (hopefully lasting) friendship

Preferences: I prefer those who are relatively within my age range (15-19), understanding and respectful towards the lgbt+ community and are capable of discussing a wide range of topics. I’d really like it if we can laugh and have really funny conversations but also sit down and have serious ones where we can exchange genuine opinions and talk about deep/serious things. Probably most available through email (kik or even tumblr) and I’m looking for someone who I can actively communicate with.

I’m not interested in someone who is racist, homophobic, sexist or an islamophobe. I am interested in feminism and am supportive of that community. If you aren’t religious that’s okay (I respect that and understand) so long you aren’t disrespecting anyone’s faith we’ll be okay:) I can’t promise I can do snail mail cause I’m not into giving out my address (maybe someday though when there’s more familiarity cause I find it very endearing) so sorry if that’s an issue